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Occurred : 7/21/2007 03:45 (Entered as : 07/21/07 3:45)
Reported: 7/21/2007 5:38:14 AM 05:38
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Sterling Heights, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:two hours
Stars/lights moving then stopping then turning right angles all night

Last night i was on the phone with a friend and looking in the sky as i always do but this time was different because i spent a long time starring at the sky.I saw sum shooting stars in the sky and and sum planes but i couldn't believe it when i observed a star moving.I thought ok its got to be a plane up high.After it moved out of sight i continued to look up about a few minutes later and saw sum more stars moving.i then observed the light speed up then slow down.It freaked me out a that time i was off the phone texting my girl friend back and forth.the star moved out of range so i watched the sky sum more and seen another star move east to west and it looked like it made a s maneuver and then keep going then slowed down again.It went away and i just kept seeing these lights in the sky and i said to my self no plane can do that. I then saw another light in the east sky going north make a right turn instantly.It was just this time it was around 5 a.m. and my friend calls me up he lives couple blocks away and him and his friend came over.I got in his car for about ten minutes and listen to sum songs he recorded and told him about what i saw and of course he brushed it off like i was playing.Then we got out the car and i looked up and saw another light it was dim and i said look.It was going south then it made a quick flash then kept going and made another flash. after that we went into my house to record a song.That could of been a meteor but i was seeing strange lighs all night move through the sky, weird.I would say over two hours of watching the sky i seen about nine lights i couldn't explain.