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Occurred : 5/29/2006 17:30 (Entered as : 05/29/2006 17:30)
Reported: 7/18/2007 4:50:36 AM 04:50
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Jeffersonville, IN
Shape: Other
Duration:6 to 8 minutes
Multiple witness viewing of unusual object over major metropolitan area

In the late afternoon of Memorial Day 2006, I was visiting with a friend that resides in Jeffersonville, In located adjacent to Louisville, Ky across the Ohio river. I reside in Louisville, and frequently visit said friend as we have a 20 plus year friendship. The day was fairly mundane and customary of the visits- on this particular day we were having a cookout to celebrate the holiday. My friends brother of which Im also closely acquainted, had also arrived and was assisting us with preparing the food.

We were standing in a group in the patio area of my friends apartment, when for no particular reason I happened to glance upward facing East. Immediately I viewed an object which was instantly unusual and atypical to me. I called it to the attention of my friends. For the next several minutes we observed this object in silence, then I suggested my friend go retrieve his binoculars. Roughly 2 minutes later my friend appeared outside again with the binoculars and each of us in turn observed the object more closely through the binoculars. This had the effect of enhancing the unusual nature of what we were witnessing.

The weather that day was partly cloudy with a storm approaching from the west. We were each facing east where visibility was clear. It was approximately 5:30 in the afternoon and the sky was a crisp blue where visible to the east. A bank of thin clouds were immediately overhead.

The object we were viewing was a very stark black of perfectly square configuration. The object had no surface features, no protrusions, no reflectivity and no oscillation. The was no sound accompanying the object. Upon first viewing the object it was roughly 25 degrees from the horizon and stationary. As soon as I first viewed the object, it began ascending along a single vector straight upward at a very slow leisurely pace. The object maintained it's relative configuration, size, speed of ascension, and color value the entire duration of the sighting and ascended until it dissapeared behind the above cloud bank. With my arm outstretched the object would have been approximately the size of my forefinger nail. As the object was against the backdrop of the sky there was no frame of reference to accurately determine distance or relative size of the object. If I were to make a presumption based on my own depth perception of the objects spatial orientation it appeared to be closer rather than further, less than 2 miles away, making it roughly the size of an automobile.

The object was in clear view long enough for a discussion during the sighting on what it clearly was not. An entire gambit of possible explanations was dismissed as we were all viewing the object. The object was clearly not an aircraft of conventional configuration, balloon, parasail, garbage bag, insect, bird, toy, kite, or illusory figment. This was a tangible, solid object that possessed mass and weight.

I immediately contacted 911 and was instructed to contact New Albany or Jeffersonville police department, of which I did neither as the event was over and the object was no longer visible. Additionally I contacted Louisville international airport and spoke with the radar operator. The operator indicated there was nothing unusual in the sky over southern Indiana.

The event left me disturbed and confounded. I have a background in Psychology and I am fully aware of the many mechanisms within the human mind that can create potential misinterpretations of visual stimuli.

The irony is while observing this object I distinctly recall all of these formal concepts raced through my mind it seemed, and none of these were satisfactory to me. Remotely.

It is one thing to read about unexplained aerial phenomenon over the years, but to actually witness something that defies frame of reference or educational background is quite startling. I consider myself a fairly learned and educated individual with a working knowledge of meteorology, astronomy, physics, military aircraft, and human perception, yet the object I witnessed defied all of these schools of thought and rationale. I am the type of person that doesn't enjoy mysteries and despite researching, careful contemplation, review, and even soul-searching, I never discovered an explanation that satisfies what I and my friends witnessed. A square object is not even aerodynamic, to say nothing of the stark black appearance of the object.

I am not prepared to say what I viewed was of extraterrestrial origin, yet at the same time I am prepared to say what I viewed does not belong in the sky over a major metropolitan area in broad daylight for all the world to see. There was a strange eerie stillness to the whole event.

To my knowledge no one else viewed this object with the exception of the three of us, despite our close proximity to Interstate 65 which runs through southern Indiana and Louisville Ky. I would be quite curious if there was anyone else that happened to view this object that day. To be perfectly honest, I would be relieved if it were infact mundane and simply mis-identified.