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Occurred : 7/10/2007 23:27 (Entered as : 10/07/07 23:27)
Reported: 7/11/2007 2:23:11 AM 02:23
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Kirkland, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:3 seconds
Can attest to the probability that the sightings were not of any conventional aircraft or natural phenomena of which I am aquainted.

It was just a fast descending kind of white light seemingly coming from north downward in an southerly direction as if it were heading downward somewhere east of Kirkland. Seemed to close to the ground to have been a shooting star and it did not appear to dissipate and it was somewhat larger anyway. It was silent. A few nights earlier also 2 witnesses observing a very high level very bright white object moving from south to north over Kirkland, Washington, at a very high altitude on a clear, cloudless night. The object suddenly dimmed by a factor of perhaps ten to twenty and kept moving northerly in the upper atmosphere as if it were a normal satellite although perhaps slightly faster (as have observed numerous satellites over the years.)It did not dissipate or "burn up" and just kept proceeding onward. One speculation is that during its very bright phase right overhead the object may have been experiencing some kind of reentry (or entry) glow/burn while descending through the upper atmosphere although cannot claim to have seen have seen that before so do not know. In fact first impression was that it was already in the upper atmosphere and for some reason unclear, the object may have been intentionally many magnitudes brighter and thusly largely then suddenly dimming to (distant observer size) of a slightly faster moving satellite (similar in observation size to most stars observable on a clear night (cloudless.) It definitely dimmed down practically went overhead of both witnesses. The earlier reported light descending over Kirkland was mentioned to a taxi driver who said that she had seen something similar earlier over the freeway in the Kirkland vicinity. Also would like to report (which uncannily had forgotten until reminded) about a year or so before, a daylight sighting at 3:55pm over Volunteer Park, Seattle, on a clear sunny day a bright star like object stationed directly over head above Fifteenth Avenue East and East Republican (observed by several passers by and small business owner.

The object remained overhead for it seemed like maybe a dozen minutes. Most said it appeared unusual but soon lost interest and thought it may have been a daytime bright planet sighting and went about their way. However (this observer) witnessed the bright silvery object eventually proceed to move slowly in a southerly direction and therefore walked several blocks in order to track the object as it passed above Fifteenth Avenue East, directly over the Aquarian Foundation Spiritualist Medium Church and the Safeway store next to it. Did not report this to the members there fixing their church wall and as they were bust on ladders (although in retrospect maybe should have as they profess an interest in non terrestrial entities themselves). The silvery slow moving bright sphere carried on slowly southwards toward South Seattle seemingly in no hurry whatsoever and making no effort to cloak itself in any way and was very clear from a third floor veranda until it was eventually to far gone over south Seattle to continue to maintain observation of the bright silvery (perhaps a very slight blue tint) object which remained silent. Have speculated that if these were indeed human experimental vehicles, they are beyond current understanding of the general population. If heretofore vessels were of a non terrestrial intelligent nature then they were making no attempt to cloak or stealth themselves) possibly wishing to be observed at that moment in time. Also have considered that if they are of say a "galactic park ranger" or scientific observer mission, they may be scanning the area with advanced technology to determine possible near future earthquake or volcanic activity in the Pacific Northwest region. Another possible speculation is that such objects may have some form of mind link ability and may make themselves known to certain individuals and groups for some unknown reason. Oh, almost forgot to mention about a week ago while riding on a bus across 520 bridge from Seattle to Kirkland, two spherical ! dark obj ects hovering over the exclusive beach front area, one above the other perhaps hundreds of feet, possibly over the Medina area. No one on the bus seemed to say or not anything and did not raise alarm by asking others what they might be. They just seemed to be hanging in the air only hundreds of feet above the area (possibly close to where a well known soft ware developer may reside.) Thought they could have been some promotional balloons for some event although they did not appear tethered. They were spherical and a darkish color, one perhaps a hundred feet above the other and maybe a few hundred feet above the ground, seemingly stationary and silent, perhaps as large as a house, they seemed a couple of miles away. Definitely could not say what they were. Definitely could say they were not a conventional aircraft or helicopter. PS: Have met Peter Davenport at a few functions before although he may not recall me.