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Occurred : 7/6/2007 16:40 (Entered as : 07/06/07 16:40)
Reported: 7/6/2007 6:42:49 PM 18:42
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Portland, OR
Shape: Other
Duration:1 minute
Bright sun-illuminated "dot" drifting over S.E. Portland, Oregon

On 6 July 2007, at approximately 4:40 PM (Pacific Daylight Savings Time)in the afternoon, my wife called me on our house phone (I was upstairs, where I was working as usual at our home-based business), using her cell phone, to say that she say a UFO, and that I had better get out there (where she was: on the back deck) pretty quickly or it would probably no longer be there.

I thought she was perhaps joking, as less than a minute or so previously, she had called me to ask me to take a look at the good job she had done constructing a makeshift sun-screen to protect the plants on the deck from the excessive heat and sun. (The temperature was in the mid 80s, relatively hot for this area; the sun was quite bright). I thought her second call might be a way to get me to show up outside quicker than I might do ordinarily.

When I was outside, she pointed into the bright, blue sky, where a quite bright "dot" was drifting slowly in the sky, very generally in an S or SE direction. The "dot" appeared to maintain very generally the same apparent altitude. Although much sunlight was apparently reflected from it, it was difficult to make out any size for the object, as if it were extremely bright but extremely far away or extremely tiny in spite of its brilliance.

The object did not appear to vary noticeably in brightness during the time it was observed, which was perhaps a minute by myself, and an additional (preceding) minute by my wife. The object showed no signed of rotation, or any sort of jerky motion that one might expect e.g. a helium-filled balloon with some sort of attached string to exhibit while being (presumably) buffeted by the wind.

The air in the vicinity of our house at this time as not particularly windy, but also not necessarily totally calm.

The angle of the line of sight was about 40 degrees, and certainly no more than 45 degrees; the line of sight was essentially parallel to the slope of the roof on the back (SW) portion of the second storey of our house. The object was seen to be about one half to one inch about the slope o the roof, as estimated via fingers held out at arm's length.

In discussing the sighting briefly with my wife, I referred to the object as being exceptionally shiny, although she referred to it as being very white, which I would agree with. The color of the reflection seemed (to me) to possibly be strongly suggestive of a metallic-type reflection.

Seeing the object did not result in any immediately-obvious other-worldly sensations; it seemed unusual to be seeing such an object, and there was some degree of discomfiture in not being able to classify it as to the sort of thing it was, or why it was there, or what it was doing, etc.

The sky at the time was generally cloud-free, and certainly in the ESE direction toward which we were looking and where the object was seen.

The object appeared to drift in the sky, until it was obscured by the upper leaves of some neighboring trees and then no longer visible.

The object drifted perhaps two inches (per at-arm-length finger measurement) during the time it was observed; it was not moving particularly quickly at all. It was most certainly not stationary, however.

Attempts to contact a local (or any) FAA Flight Service Station to obtain information regarding the magnitude and direction of the winds aloft were unsuccessful, as all that was apparently readily accessible over the phone was prerecorded weather information for the vicinity, which gave just the surface winds(?), which (if I noted this correctly) were "310" (the heading presumably) at "12" (MPH?) for Portland (Oregon), or at "6" for Troutdale (Oregon).

This report was submitted about 6:40 PM, two hours after the incident.