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Occurred : 7/3/2007 22:10 (Entered as : 07/03/2007 22:10)
Reported: 7/4/2007 6:51:49 AM 06:51
Posted: 8/7/2007
Location: Springfield, NJ
Shape: Oval
Glowing light orb/disk behind cloud: light oval shape every 9 - 10 seconds would appear

I went out to share a cigarette with my girlfriend. As we are sharing a cigarette, she tells me to look in a certain direction of the sky. I think I was looking WEST. I was the same direction as going on Route 124 or 24 West.

It would be easier to draw. But there was a big shiny, what looked to be a star. Biggest and brightest I have seen. Then there was a little dot or light to the right of it. My girlfriend went in and I kept looking at it bc there was something different about it. As I was focusing on it, I saw, what could have been an orb or something making me realize it may be a shape. I saw twinkling light appear on this outline where it connected the big shiny star and the other small tiny light towards and parrallel to it. This last about 10 minutes. I went back inside to get my girlfriend to see that if you look, there are little light going around and connecting at those points giving it the shape of an oval or disk or something. My girlfriend was already laying in bed and didn't want to get up. I figured maybe it was nothing. What are the chances? I went inside, got some money to walk across the street and get some coffee. When I came back outside, I didn't see it anymore. I looked over to the EAST to see if I saw a particular star that was present before and it was moved, but still there. Most stars were still there as the 10 minutes past. But didn't see the object. Then realized there was cloud cover in that area. So I chalked it down to it did not move, but was just being covered by some clouds. It may move some but should be close to the orginal positon bc not much time did pass. Maybe 10-15 minutes. After getting some coffee and a dougnut, I headed back, but decided to have another cigarette and see if the cloud cover passes bc I want to find that image again. I wasn't that patient and just said, it is the cloud cover. But then as I am looking in the sky, saying I wish I didnt go to get coffee and doughnuts, I noticed behind the clouds there was some light or haze creating what looked to be a disk or orb. I counted that every 9 or 10 seconds, the lightt would go around. Looked like there was searchlights, but it didnt go into the sky. It was behind the cloud, and looked liked a cir! cle. I went inside and yelled and my gf to get up and look, but she did not bc I went right back out there. I rubbed my eyes. I looked again and confirmed tro myself what I am seeing. Except the big light that happened on the 9th or 10th second. Then saw the outline of a disk lighted up expect was not the same in light intensity.

Resembled the shape seen before expect not so visible. I went back to my house which is about 2 minutes away and found this website. I first called, but then was requested to write on this site. I collected my thoughts. Went back to see what I saw and it wasn't there anymore. I went back home and tried calling the FAA in Newark. The line was busy. Tried for about 30 minutes. Wanted to know if they were AWARE OR WAS HAVING SEARCHLIGHT ETC. I tried to get it with my phone. Haven't seen it yet.

Behind the clouds I did see other aircraft that were planes in the area, but nothing like thaT