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Occurred : 1/6/2007 22:40 (Entered as : 01/06/07 22:40)
Reported: 6/2/2007 7:07:28 AM 07:07
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Halesowen (UK/England),
Shape: Circle
6 orange disc like objects came out of the East

It was Friday night about 22:40 and I was about to draw the curtains of my house when I saw 5 strange looking objects coming out of the East. I ran and got my wife and daughters and video camera but the battery was dead. We watched them fly over in formation then a couple started overtaking the others.They looked just like the view of looking down on a gear cog. They had an orange glow and it was hazey at the edge. They were flying at approx 500 to 1000ft high and made no sound.We all ran to the back of the house and watched them fly into the Western horizon. Standing there bewildered as to what we had just witnessed I noticed another one coming from where the others had come from and was on the same course. I went inside to quickly get my binoculars and managed to get a closer look. It was just like an orange flying gear cog, I could not believe my eyes! 4 of us witnessed the event and have been watching the local news all day to see if anyone has reported anything. I have been interested in astronomy since I was a child and currently possess binoculars and a powerful telescope. I know the difference between planes and helicopters even flying at night, in fact we saw a couple of aircraft a few mins later and they were totally different and had flashing strobes.We are a very level headed family and I didn't even believe in UFO's but I'm convinced now!