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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/29/2006 22:00 (Entered as : 10/29/06 22:00)
Reported: 5/6/2007 6:10:04 PM 18:10
Posted: 6/12/2007
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Shape: Other
Duration:7- 10 seconds
Transucent/transparent, crescent, uni-wing shaped object viewed through binoculars filling field of view

I must preface this report by saying that it is a secondhand account of this event. It was observed and reported to me by my brother and his wife. I am 57, male, my brother is 55. I am college educated at the master’s level. My brother works in technical design.

I believe this sighting occurred on 10-28 or 10-29-2006 near 10 PM. in a suburb of Pittsburgh about ten miles from the center of town. A few weeks prior to this night my brother and wife went to a small observatory to view a comet. A couple of weeks later the comet had become bright enough to view with binoculars and on the evening mentioned they were in their yard with binoculars, 7x35 and 10x50. The sky was dark and crystal clear without any cloud cover .

As they were both looking through binoculars trying to locate the comet at a position bout 45 degrees above the horizon, my brother suddenly sighted something for which he has no explanation. He told me that he immediately realized that he would probably only have a brief time to view what he was seeing and became intense in an effort to observe and remember details. This is where his report gets kind of weird.

The main characteristic of the object was, well, he said the best way he could describe it was,"“It looked like the Romulan vessel (from the TV series Star Trek) when it would become cloaked (turning invisible)." He observed it for about seven to ten seconds. During that time it was moving and changed direction twice. The motion did not appear to be fast (unless this was much farther away than he realizes in which case the object would also be extremely large). The first change in direction was about ninety degrees to the original motion and then ninety degrees back to the original path and then he lost sight of it. During this movement it moved toward him and overhead.

When I asked him about it’s altitude, he was uncertain since there were no clouds,only stars, but said if he had to guess it was probably cloud level or lower. Later he calculated size and distance by measuring the field of view in his binoculars at a known distance on land. The image he saw that night filled the entire view of his binoculars. He concluded if it was 200 - 300 feet it must have been about two to three thousand feet high or about one half mile. Closer and it would have been smaller. He heard no noise. Fartheraway and it would have to be larger.

At this point, he asked his wife if she had just seen anything. Her response after a moment of hesitation was, "Well, it was kind of invisible."

He told her not to say another word, not wanting to bias his memory of the observation. He asked her to come into the house. He got two pieces of paper and they went into separate rooms to draw what they saw.

He showed me the drawings. They were simple outlines. Remember that it was invisible. Also remember that they were both looking through binoculars and the object filled the entire field of view in his 10x50. One thing that I noticed between their drawings was that the overall proportion of width to length were quite the same. The overall shape and proportion resembled a crescent moon but not as curved, more elongated. And rounded, not pointed at the tips. The leading edge was curved and smooth, however, the back edge was less curved and both curves bowed forward in the direction of motion.

Additional detail noticed by my brother (looking through more powerful binoculars) but not his wife is as follows: The back edge was serrated like a steak knife with seven points. Along the entire front edge were what appeared to him as markings. Each was a mirror image of the next and he described them as ornate curls as on a wrought iron railing or perhaps a curled animal’s horn. This whole image appeared as translucent or transparent except for the details mentioned.

My brother could not come up with any possible explanation for what they saw.

He definitely ruled out clouds, vapor trails, etc. It was moving, changed direction and maintained the definite shape as described. He was glad his wife was with him in that their mutual observation verified the reality of the sighting. Otherwise, he feels that he would question and have a hard time believing that he really saw this (?).

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))