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Occurred : 4/23/2007 08:00 (Entered as : 4/23/07 8:00)
Reported: 4/25/2007 2:32:04 PM 14:32
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Elmore, AL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 minutes
A seemingly cloaked or disguised craft

4/23/07 Elmore, Alabama

Dear Sir,

I am a Correctional Officer with the Alabama Department of Corrections and work at one of the prisons in Elmore County, Alabama.

This morning several other officers and myself observed an odd phenomenon. What we saw appeared to us to be some sort of cloud which upon closer examination appeared to be some sort of flying craft hidden or, to use a term from Star Trek, "cloaked," so as to be unseen.

Before we are laughed off as nuts, let me explain the whole story as it happened: It was around 8:00 AM and was the morning count time and I was a dorm officer. My dorm partner and myself counted "A" side of the dorm. Then as she went through the "cube" in the middle of the dorm to go through to the other side I went outside to go along the sidewalk to the other side to count. As I was walking along I felt a sudden blast of wind or breeze and felt sand stinging my face. I thought; What in the world? It is a nice day, where did that come from? I looked in the direction of "B" Dorm and saw a low wall of dust coming towards me as if propelled by some unseen force and when it hit me I had to shield my face and eyes. It was not really a high wind, but just propelled along by some force other than high wind if that makes any sense and when it hit me it felt very cold or extremely cool.

I looked up to check the sky wondering if some storm was blowing in out of nowhere. But to my amazement the sky was mostly clear, but something immediately caught my eye when I looked up. A dark sort of a dirty grey cloud tinged in pink was going over at a good clip. But what struck me as odd was not only the fact that it was close to the ground, maybe a couple of hundred yards, but that it was going along at a fast pace, much faster than a normal cloud, even in a storm, but also that it was shaped so funny. I wondered about such a strange looking, lonely storm cloud to be skipping across the country side at such a good speed all by itself in an otherwise clear sky?!? As I stood and stared at it for a moment as it flew along over the "camp" (slang name for a prison) it I noticed a group of officers, "Yard Rovers," standing in the prison yard a hundred yards away watching it intently also. I then turned and went on into the dorm to continue our count. But others watched it until it was out of site (see below).

But it was shaped so funny that it stuck in my mind for the next few hours and sort of worried me like something nagging at the back of your mind. It was as I said a dirty, very dark grey like a storm cloud and had a pinkish tint in places, especially along the underside. It was not shaped like any cloud that I have ever seen. It was almost like a big wedge the size of two or three houses end to end, the pointed or narrow end to the front, the aft end sort of flat or squared. And above this aft end was a section of it, of "cloud ", that was sort of like a diamond or triangular shape, almost reminding one of the tail section of a rocket or plane. All along it and especially the aft end of it were sort of like tendrils hanging along being tugged at by the air as it went along, as if the vapors were being sucked off by the passing air or wind and being constantly rejuvenated. Sort of like, if one can imagine it, a block of dry ice flying along with its vapors enfolding around it and flitting around and from it with the wind. That stuck in the back of my mind about how it looked to me. Then a bit later a single word came to me, "artificial!" That was what I was trying to think of , what was nagging at me! It had almost an artificial look to it!! Maybe I have been a "Trekky" too many years, studying space travel, reading up on and being a fan of things like "Star Wars" and "Star Trek." But the terminology on Star Trek used for the technology for a space ship to able to hide from radar and from visionary detection, basically being able to become invisible at will, is called a "Cloaking Device!" Something similar is what the United States was trying to perfect with the "Philadelphia Experiment" during WWII. That experiment failed as far as I know and cost the military some lives.

But not wanting to be laughed at I kept all these thoughts, uneasy feelings, and observations to my self for fear of being ridiculed. But as it turns out I was not the only one who had witnessed it! Later, as the day was winding down, and I having forgotten it, three of the yard rovers stopped in our dorm on their rounds and sat down to take a slight pause, or break, to rest their feet and began going on about something.. It dawned on me that they were chattering about the same thing I had seen! But they had more to tell; One commented on the coldness that hit them, and how without any real high wind a wall of slight debris and sand came at them also, sort of along of and in front of this so called "cloud." They agreed that it was sort of like the "fore blast" in front of a helicopter or hover craft of some sort, but not as violently thrown as a helicopter does. Someone else asked if anyone else noticed the orange plastic barrier to the construction area sort of just wrinkle up and roll up and over into a ditch, but with no real high wind to make it do so, just that sort of uncanny cold air and slight breeze that went along in front of the "cloud."

One officer was asking did the rest of us notice how the so called cloud, or cloudlike substance around it, kept folding in on itself, sort of like renewing itself or something. Another officer said that she thought from the beginning that it was some sort of secret, or even alien, craft in some sort of disguise and that when it went on over them she intently tried to look at the back of it to see if there was the "back" or aft end of some sort of craft visible. She said that the cloud, or vapors, just boiled down and over the back of it hiding the rear end, with the same tendrils of vapor or cloud that I had seen trailing behind it. And then they all agreed very excitedly that when it went over and across the open area of the prison that the "fore blast" of breezy dust and all preceded it and when it crossed over a tree line of tall trees the tops of those trees went crazy jiggling and swaying very fast back and forth, and as soon as it passed this movement ceased. That last bit of info sort of puts me in mind of the reports that at so called UFO landing sites it has been found that the molecular structure of plant material in the area had been changed or altered! One of the rovers said that he had been going to the Back-Gate at the time to let in the "Farm Squad" inmates. He chimed in and said that he had seen the same thing and now that he thought of it he agreed with all that they said. And he said that when he let the farm squad inmates in the Farm Boss asked him did he see that odd looking cloud flying fast across the camp? This Farm Boss more or less saw and felt the same things too. Of course by then I had chimed in with what I saw, my observations, and my feelings.

One of the officers, who is very interested in science, space travel, etc, as I am asked,"Officer Edelen, did you get the definite feeling that it was a craft of some kind, somehow "Cloaked" or in some kind of disguise? I readily agreed and we all more or less agreed that whether it was an alien UFO of some sort of a top secret craft of the United States, it gave us all the impression that it was a craft of some sort in some sort of disguise. I of course even commented that I had read reports of alien craft that were not of solid material atoll but were known as some sort of plasma craft, possibly craft capable of traveling inter-dimensionally.

It does indeed appear to have been just that; some sort of artificial anomaly, or some sort of craft: One; it was flying too fast, Two; it kept a set course until out of site, and Three; it retained it shape until it was out of site. And Four; one officer commented that she had studied its shadow for a moment. She said the shape she had seen was not the obscured shape of an edgeless or uneven edged cloud but the definite shape of a hard craft of some sort.

And then they all agreed that they had seen three Air Force jets, one behind the other, flying way up above the "cloud" but along the exact same course as if they were following it, hunting it, or possibly monitoring it. At that time we called Channel 12 news and asked if anyone had reported seeing anything strange in the skies over Elmore, Autauga counties. The guy I spoke to said that at that time they had received no such reports.

Now these officers that saw this: I have right at14 years in with the Alabama Department of Corrections, and the others on up to near 20 yrs and over. They all three are mature men and women and very serious, professional Correctional Officers, not given to flights of fancy and delusion and are trained both by not only APOST Certified Correctional Training but also by the training and intuition that years of service gives you to spot anything unusual and out of the ordinary and keep a level head while doing so, and to be able to mentally keep notes while doing so.

And to top it all off this evening a 2nd shift supervisor called me at my home asking about the "sighting," that some of our 1st shift officers that were working overtime on his shift had commented on seeing what we saw along with several inmates. I told him what we saw and he concurred saying that is what others there had told him.

So I am tendering this report in the hopes that perhaps someone might find it interesting, might even already know about it, or to see if others have reported any thing similar..

Sincerely yours,

Elmore., Al.