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Occurred : 4/20/2007 21:45 (Entered as : 04/20/07 21:45)
Reported: 4/23/2007 10:23:13 AM 10:23
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Mainstee, MI
Shape: Unknown
Duration:15 min
Lights spotted in Michigan Forest, bizarre, unexplained...

A friend and myself recently experienced a very unexplained site. We had both taken some time this weekend to drive up to Manistee for a weekend of backpacking. We decided to take the Manistee River trail up the river and than the North Country trail to loop back around. We unfortunately arrived later than we had planned and set onto the trail knowing that it would be getting dark in only a few hours.

As we hiked along, we made the decision to veer off the path and followed slagle creek North East from the place where it passed under the trail bridge. It was already getting dark, but a sense of adventure and flashlights assisted our exploration.

Eventually, as we were seeking a clear and comfortable spot to set up camp for the night, it became quite pitch dark. We began to observe however, that up ahead of us some ways was what seemed to be a rather bright ring of light illuminating a section of forest up ahead. It was obscurred in distant trees, but was assumed by us to have been a camp set up or possibly a few vehicles parked in a clearing with their lights on.

As we continued in a direction that brought us closer to the spot where the lights were, we were surprised to not hear human voices or the sound of engines, rather, a different sound, one more like fans running or the hum of a dehumidifier only much more intense, almost pulsing. We were at first very intrigued, then when we couldnt explain the scene we became confused.

We approached carefully with our flashlights now off as the spot with the lights was 50-75 yards away and seemed bright enough to allow us to navigate safely towards it. We got to a point where I could tell that the spot in which it was seemed to be a clearing or treeless spot, and the there was a definite structure sitting there which looked as if its sides or its underneath had lights surrounding it. I would guess from the position of the lights that the object was round, but I cannot be sure. Also, we both believe that it was most likely and aproximately 20 feet in di ameter.

We probably came within 30 or so yards from it, but at that point I refused to get any closer. In fact, after watching it for about 5 mins., I was ready to get the hell out of there. My brain could not explain what my eyes saw, it was not normal, and the only explanation I have was that it must have been something extraterrestrial, or extremely experimental.

We turned around and started heading back in a direction away from the scene, our backs turned toward the lights. It was a hurried but carefull flight to find somewhere we felt more safe. I remember hearing the humming sound fade as we pressed our way back through branches and brush. I had to turn my flash light on and we were concentrating on what was ahead of us, but when we did look back the lights were gone.

We finally set up a camp near the creek and resolved to go back to where we were durring the daylight. The next morning we did explore the area we had hiked to, but were not sure and unable to agree on where we had been the night before. We found a few clearings and open type areas, some with pressed down and flattened grass that could have been the spots but niether of us were sure.

Over the next two days we finished our layed back hike, although I still feel that we experienced something not of this world, and I cant even begin to describe the oddity of seeing something that you cant explain, even after ruling out all logical possibilities in your head.

When I returned home I got out some maps and tryed to determine exactly where we were at at the time of the sitting. I know for a fact that we were east of the Manistee River and the trail but certainly west of No. 1 road, and we were most likely North of S. Slagle Creek Rd. and somewhere south of Slagle Creek Rd./Blueberry Ln.

This was the strangest thing I have ever experienced in my life. I feel like I have seen something no one was intended to see.

((NUFORC Note: We telephoned this witness, and spoke with him about the alleged event. We wanted to be certain that the report, which seemed serious-minded to us, was submitted as a sincere account of the person's experience. He assured us that his report was sincere and accurate, and we found him to be exceptionally sober-minded. PD))