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Occurred : 1/25/2007 06:45 (Entered as : 01/25/07 06:45)
Reported: 4/4/2007 2:31:05 AM 02:31
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Cumming, GA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:Less than 1 minute

MUFONGA Investigation-Glowing Orb Flies Low Pass Over School Bus

The following described event and investigation resulted from a Georgia citizen's report filed via MUFON's CMS.

On 05Feb07, MUFONGA received the CMS report from MUFON Hqs. and launched an inquiry. The event occurred on 25Jan07 at about 6:45AM, and involved a witness living in Forsyth County Georgia (about 40 miles NNE of Atlanta). This writer contacted the witness and found her to be a 45YOA mother and homemaker who wished for her identity to remain confidential for the time being. For the purpose of this report, she will be referred to only as "Monserrat", as is her preference in this matter. Witness was found to be well educated, articulate, seemed forthright, and had traveled and lived internationally during earlier periods in her life. The witness' neighborhood is upscale suburban, the area also containing small pastures, horses, a few cattle, and MANY children. She has resided therein for about 3+ years.

After the initial conversation with Monserrat, this writer assigned Jim Clifford, a HIGHLY experienced MUFONGA investigator, to visit the event site and conduct a "sit-down" with the witness. Jim interviewed the witness at her home on 9Feb07.

Event---- On 25Jan07, Monserrat was going about her early morning routine, getting her children ready for school and so forth. At about 6:45AM, she walked them out to the bus stop which is only about 20 feet from her driveway. Some other parents had driven to the bus stop and were sitting in their vehicles up and down the block. She put her children safely aboard and turned to go back to the house. At this time, the witness noticed what she initially THOUGHT was a "tossed" ball fly over the bus. She reacted as most people do when something is tossed, a quick awareness and focus on what has been tossed. She observed a SOFTBALL SIZED ORB, GLOWING MUCH LIKE AN EMBER FROM A FIRE, SILENTLY FLY OVER THE BUS ABOUT 10 FEET ABOVE THE VEHICLE'S ROOF.

She stated that this ORB was gliding along at about 3/4's LESS VELOCITY than a regular tossed ball. It continued on toward a neighbor's home across the street, flew OVER the roof and on toward a wooded treeline behind. During the progress of this slow flight, the ORB grew smaller and smaller, from SOFTBALL SIZE, to about TENNIS BALL SIZE until it VANISHED. The witness was very surprised, and unfortunately, the other parents did not make the same observation due to sitting in their vehicles.

After returning to the house, the witness tried to go on with her normal morning chores, but found herself uncharacteristically fatigued. She fell into bed and slept soundly for about 4 hours (this extended morning nap being TOTALLY out of character). She was awakened by the sound of LOW FLYING HELICOPTERS, so low that she indicated the window panes were rattling. Adding that this had NEVER happened before during their years in the neighborhood, saying there were no military or similar aviation facilities nearby. Later that evening, at about 8:00PM, she was preparing for her children's next school day and happened to see a strange light outside and heard what sounded like a tractor in the rear......where no light and no tractor should be. During this period she heard distant helicopter sounds, and then the low, window rattling fly-over again. After contemplating all that had occurred, she felt that what she had observed was a living, organic, intelligent entity of some sort, and perhaps the government had also picked up on it.

During his visit to the scene, FI Clifford routinely checked the area and orb's flight path with an EM Field Tester and unusual readings were noted. He found nothing else that could be related to the event. Jim is a retired 20+ years veteran of the U.S. Navy and a communications specialist. He later checked the various military authorities that might dispatch helo flights into the Forsyth source for the helos was found.

The witness recounted her original statement at least three times during this investigation, once to this writer, once to Jim Clifford, and once to the MUFONGA metro staff at a meeting.......consistent throughout, credibility throughout. Jim Clifford classified this event as an "Unknown" in MUFON's CMS.

If any other Forsyth County citizen(s) has observed anything similar on or about 25Jan07, or at any other time, please do the following; 1) Fill out the NUFORC report form as described on this site; 2) Next go to and file a report on the CMS; 3) Last, contact me here at Your identity will be held STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL by all.

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