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Occurred : 8/13/2001 22:31 (Entered as : 08/13/01 22:31)
Reported: 3/24/2007 8:50:11 AM 08:50
Posted: 4/27/2007
Location: Lancaster, OH
Shape: Light
Duration:30 seconds
Incredibly bright light, faded in then out, maybe super nova.

I'm only guessing at the date and time, it was definitely a couple of weeks before 9/11 and I saw a sighting in your database, in Ohio, similar to mine so I'm entering this as the date and time.

My husband and I went fishing for catfish after dark at a local public lake. It was a cloudless night. We had a Coleman lantern and I was watching the end of my rod looking for twitches that would mean I had a fish on. I suddenly noticed a light reflected in the water and I looked up to see a bright "star" that was rapidly getting brighter. I yelled to my husband who wasn't fishing and hadn't yet noticed it. For a second I thought it was a meteorite heading dead on for us as there was no movement at all. I was convinced for just a moment that we were going to get hit and die by meteorite! Then I noticed there were no "sparks" like I've seen in other fireballs I've witnessed and I next decided it must be a super nova. It got so bright it almost hurt my eyes, it lit up the woods around us, even brighter than a full moon would. It then started to dim at the same speed that it brightened and eventually faded away to nothing. It seemed to take a long time, but I'd guess it was actually around 30 seconds in duration.

If I remember correctly, I think I heard something reported on the local news a few days later involving a bright light or a super nova, but I'm not sure.

I have since seen aerial flares on TV and though they are similar to what I saw, flares actually have a floating feeling about them and they last much longer than my light. My light didn't "float", it definitely seemed to be outside earth's atmosphere.