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Occurred : 12/15/1995 22:00 (Entered as : 12/15/95 22:00)
Reported: 3/3/2007 5:32:05 PM 17:32
Posted: 3/8/2007
Location: Ainsworth, NE
Shape: Light
Duration:30 minutes
Stationary light turns off then on then remains in sky for the entire next day, but nobody notices?

This sighting happened with a good friend of mine which I will not name. He took me to Bassett to introduce me to a cousin of his for a possible date with her.

After some chatting with her and her father we decided to drive back to Ainsworth which is about 17 miles.

By the time we left her house it was dark with no moon visible. It was also a very clear, crisp December night with no wind, ( unusual for NE!!).

On the way home I noticed an unusually bright star in the North West, more West than North. The closer we came to town, the closer this light seemed to be. It did not appear to move, and the closer to town we came, the higher up it appeared. As if it were stationary and we were approaching it.

At the time we were about ¾’s of the way home I pointed this out to my friend and it sparked his curiosity. We continued to watch it until we were 1 mile outside of Ainsworth. At that time I asked him if he would turn off onto a country road leading north. He did, and we drove 1 mile north, turned back West and drove about ¼ mile then stopped.

We sat with the pickup running and observed this bright light in the sky for about 30 seconds. We were the only vehicle on the road since this is a very rural area. At our vantage point, the only other lights in our immediate area were distant yard lights and the other stars in the sky, not to mention the soft glow from town. He mentioned that it looked like a light from a helicopter searchlight and I agreed, it looked like it was about 500 feet up and about ½ mile to the Northwest of us. It was at this moment that he shut off the pickup and the lights.

About 1 second after he killed the lights, the light in the sky literally turned off! We sat there stunned for about 1 minute looking at where it had been, we started to see a light again, but it was faint. It grew brighter and brighter until it was as bright as it was before. I rolled down my window to see if I could hear an engine or something, but it was dead silent.

My friend got very nervous and said, "We’re gettin’ the hell out of here!" He started up the pickup turned on the lights and high-tailed it to town. We both lived in town at the time, so he dropped me off, didn’t say a word about it and he went home. He still lives here and hasn’t said anything about that night since then. I was honestly still a little freaked out about it so I called the sheriff’s office to see if there were any reports about strange lights. The dispatcher said there had been no reports. I managed to lie down and get a little sleep that night, but when I woke at 6:30 the next morning the light was still in the sky, except it was more in the West. It remained in the Westerly sky until I went to bed the next night and I have not seen it since then.

Some days, months, and years after I have asked certain close friends of mine if they saw anything unusual around that time, but none have admitted to seeing anything. I don’t claim that this was an alien spacecraft, but it was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, and I think I speak for my friend too.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell about my experience.