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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/1/2006 (Entered as : 2006)
Reported: 2/28/2007 12:47:34 AM 00:47
Posted: 3/8/2007
Location: Molalla, OR
Shape: Disk

My Aunt told me on the telephone that a year ago she had an experience of her lifetime while driving as it was becoming dark.

She was with two of her daughters on a long stretch of road off a main highway in a wooded area near forest trees. I believe she said it was in the Molalla, Oregon area. While driving, a UFO/Disk chased their car down and literally skidded on top of the roof of the car.

My Aunt told me she was driving erratic as she was scared at that point just to stay on the road as it was so bright and her daughters went hysterical and began screaming and yelling. The object then disappeared.

She continued on till she saw a House with a light on. She pulled off and got out of the vehicle. There was some type of powder or substance on the vehicle all over the top. I think she said it was Whitish/Yellow.

They rang the doorbell and the man came out of the house. She explained that she got ran off a road by a UFO/Disk and that the car had evidence of the stuff it put on the roof of the car. The man then said he BELIEVED HER because the samething on the same road had happened to him in the same area.

She also told me that when my Uncle and her owned their Boysenberry Farm not too long ago in Bandon-By-The-Sea Oregon some odd things happened at their home. Uncle Lonnie died of heart failure. She would be in the Living Room watching TV and they had a Solar Window over the Roof of the house. Each night the Helicopters would fly over her house and she would look up and could see them. It got to the point that she would wave to them as the lights were so bright that they would then Rev up the the motor to let her know they were leaving. I don't know if they were just guys out watching the ships, boats out in bandon. Who knows. All I know is shortly after that she started to hear something out in her yard and the dog refused to go outside. She use to keep the bedroom window open and fall asleep as it was hot sometimes in summer. She said as she slept she could feel something around her ears and it was like a RADIO and broken up Language. She could feel something touch her ears. This happened several times and then she would see the helicopters again out there at night and sometimes strange BRIGHT LIGHTS like UFOS out there. She decided she better keep the windows closed as she noticed several strange marks on her body that she never had before she could not account for. She got so scared she told her sons and they went up the road one night as there was strange lights in the sky near her neighbors across the road at his Berry Farm. The kids were worried at that point that maybe a burgular was scaring the local farmers homes at night. The older man across the road said he had been seeing strange lights off and on as well. She decided shortly after my Uncle died to sell the farm and move to another part of Oregon. There was talk in the town that there was a school teacher one day found on the local beach with perfect incision marks on a cut off hand and to this day no body really knew how someone could have a PERFECT cut off incision like her hands looked when they found her. Some local kid got blamed for it. But to this day locals said something did not make sence the way she was found out there.

((NUFORC Note: One of many reports from same source. We cannot certify that it is intended as a serious report. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))