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Occurred : 1/25/2007 18:30 (Entered as : 01/25/07 18:30)
Reported: 2/7/2007 6:56:32 PM 18:56
Posted: 2/24/2007
Location: Brewster/Carmel, NY
Shape: Light
Duration:20-30 secs
Super bright light, low in sky, within it a circle of blue lights, hovered, dropped vertically, disappeared.

I was driving home from NY to CT it was about 6:30 PM. The night was dark & clear, lots of stars/ crescent moon. I was on Rt 684 moving to the point where 684 ends & becomes RT 22.

I am not positive at what point I first noticed the light, but I saw an extremely bright, low light in the sky. At first my mind processed it as a star, but it was huge, low (seemed just above the treetops) & too bright for a star. The light hovered; there was a smaller less bright light above & to the right of it. I realized these were not stars and kept looking. I slowed down. There were other vehicles on the road, but only a few, I was surprised they did not slow down to look. The incident was fleeting. Basically, there was this huge bright light (and a lesser ,but too large for a star light above it) , it seemed like hole was punched in the sky. Within it (both) there appeared a string of blue lights like the outline of a circular shape, but only the blue lights were visible. These lights did not move at first, the entire scene hovered. Then, suddenly, quickly, the blue lights in the large light spun diagonally and dropped vertically, then "sucked" into the light and the entire image closed. The smaller light with blue lights within did the same within a second. There was no sound I was aware of.