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Occurred : 1/26/2007 22:30 (Entered as : 01/26/07 22:30)
Reported: 1/29/2007 8:52:17 AM 08:52
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Hendersonville, TN
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
Two sets of triad-lights, hanging in the sky then dropping below ridge line

Getting ready to leave some friends house, I went out to warm up the car. (Our friend’s home is north of Hendersonville, TN and is located near Beech High School. The visibility of the night sky is fantastic, as no strong city-light presence exists.)

He came out to his garage and we both noticed an unusual set of fairly-bright lights back toward the southwest. I got back out of my car, not looking away from the set of lights, and asked him if he was seeing those lights as well. He commented out loud that he’s never seen anything like that before. (He and I work for the same company, where he’s been a technical engineer for 25+ years.)

The two set of lights were approximately the size of peas, at arm’s length. The lower set of lights seemed to have blinking/nav-lights on the outer edges. Basically, both sets initially appeared the same; three lights across a plane with the middle being brighter and the outer two blinking at times.

Both sets of lights hung motionless for approximately 3-5 minutes. The lower set started to dim then slowly dropped downward and arced off toward the east. We lost sight of it when it dropped below the ridgeline.

The remaining (slightly higher) set of three lights, still hung motionless for another few minutes. After simply hanging there for a few minutes, the middle light started growing in intensity. So much so, that my buddy and I were still talking out loud about it (not taking our eyes off of it) asking each other if we were seeing them same things.

My six year old daughter came outside and saw them too. She freaked out, hearing us talking about them in wonderment, and ran back inside. (We had a good chuckle about that.)

The middle light grew so bright, that the three lights appeared to merge into a single light. That’s the best I can describe how much it grew in intensity.

After about a minute or two of that brilliance, it appeared to also start descending and arcing off toward the east.

The point at which both of these sets of lights dropped and started arcing off toward the east, it really reminded me of the way a normal aircraft would have localized and turned toward the traffic pattern to land. However, neither of us has ever seen anything quite like this before. (I have been an aviation enthusiast for 25+ years and consider myself very knowledgeable of the subject matter.)

I watched the local news reports, hoping to see/hear any references to this event as I’m sure this happened near, or just to the north of, Nashville proper. However, I did not hear any mention of it.

These could have been some military aircraft, but I have never seen any night-landing configuration quite like it; nor have I watched something like this just hang motionless in the sky for several minutes, all without any sound.

These lights were close enough to have produced some engine-signature, had they been normal aircraft.