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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/9/2007 07:35 (Entered as : 010907 7:35)
Reported: 1/18/2007 4:33:42 PM 16:33
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Pontiac, MI
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20 minutes
..It split into two halves-like a "Pac-Man" mouth.

This morning is January 9th, 2007. Tuesday. Went to work as usual except woke up with a lingering headache. This worked into feeling terrible like a bug had gotten me. Was going to punch out right away but went to get coffee and waited to start feeling better. I was parked sideways in the restaurants empty backlot staring into the sky towards our local Truck Assembly Plant. There were some dim parking lot lights and some evergreens across the area. The time was 7:35 or so and the Sun was not upvery high yet. Clear sky and stars.

There was only one overly bright star that caught my attention.

I looked again and stared. 20 degrees up and bright it was moving. As I looked into the SouthWest is was moving West to South straight across slowly for about 20 degrees and stopped.

At this time I was glassy eyed and head pounding and was trying to decide how good it would feel to fly into bed under a foot of covers. Today was freezing and Windy.

I squinted and looked again. The light was still there and now bigger. It looked intense like when I saw Venus thru the planetarium telescope. It looked like there was activity in its brilliance. Like a fire or something molen which was changing as I watched it.

The was a thin horizontal line of calm thru the middle which the brilliance was around. As I watched the thing it grew bigger in roundness and brilliance. From the size of a large Michigan star to the size of three large stars. The light seemed to form a horizontal halo thru its center. It moved slightly back to the West and remained.

These things are all happening slowly. It has been three or four minutes so far. The brilliance stayed the same for about a full minute and I started looking around the sky. About 3 or 4 fingers South of this and the same distance below it was another smaller light and it was motionless for about five or ten seconds after I noticed it. It looked kind of like Mercury when you see it far down on the horizon only a little higher.

My mind thought O.K. that really IS a star. O.K. now its moving- it is a plane. O.K. now it stopped right under the big one-which is going NOWHERE.---- At around this time I was wondering how this is happening and other things about this-like Good Explanations. Maybe plane search lights-much bigger than normal-must be Police helicopters-no search light trail though. No directional beam coming off it at all. If it was Police or Plant helicopters in the sky they hovered without motion way too long. If it was aircraft and I was staring headlong into their searchlight the time was still way too long. The plane would've covered a few miles coming straight at me.

I began filtering thru many thoughts. Is this something I should notify about? Is it dangerous? Is anybody else seeing this? No-no one really looks up and it is still halfway dark out. Am I really seeing UFO's? Are they working with authorities or Who Care's. Could my head hurt anymore than this? The second light was not brilliant. It very definitely stopped right under the brilliant one-or-at least looked like it from my vantage point. This was a steady point of light which was staying-then-it moved slowly three fingers over to where it appeared right under the big one and stopped momentarily. It was ten or twenty seconds then faded off slowly.

The brilliant one was still flaring and now it looked like it sprang an arm of light out about half its diameter and a quarter of its diameter in width.Sticking right out at about one o'clock to me. I had to scratch my head and rellok at it. What the-what NOW? It stayed that way for about twenty seconds then in the space of about a second, from the nine o'clock point on it, split into two halves just enough to open like a "Pac-Man" mouth and again I could see a dark line forming thru the center of the diameter and disappear as the two halves closed up. As this was happening the whole light seemed to give a shudder or extra volume and brilliance then back to normal.

At that point it was motionless again and drifted slowly to a point behind a sparse evergreen limb where I couldn't see it.

I sat there thinking-should I pursue this? Can my head hurt anymore than this? I moved the van over about ten feet East and about twenty feet South and there was a light. It was holding steady and brilliant but smaller. There was now also an obvious small Cessna type plane in the area. It was far off in the distance. Maybe flying due South and climbing at a steep pitch because I remember thinking-wow-is he doing acrobatics? But right now? This early in the morning? The brilliant one was still there but small-seemed like holding there again. I put the van in gear and took off out of the parking lot towards the highway (I-75). In the right lane the paved shoulder stops there and traffic at the red light got me stuck. I looked and looked there but nothing left. I could barely hold my head up off the steering wheel. The time was 7:58 AM. Waited for traffic to clear and the one guy stopped behind me to pull around then drove into the fast food place right there and got coffee. After driving the mile back to work I paged my boss and punched out on the time clock.

As I look back on this event of about six hours ago it is my feeling the lights were less than a mile away which would put them right over the Plant or Hotel next door. Everything written down in this report is my best recollection, albeit my flu bug and sinus headache. I work on an outside crew and look at the stars alot in the early morning but have never experienced this kind of thing before. In the aftermath of this I had that feeling of a Cheshire Cat grin like you just got lucky enough to experience something few people do. That feeling was intense for several days