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Occurred : 1/16/2007 21:00 (Entered as : 01/16/07 21:00)
Reported: 1/18/2007 3:11:39 AM 03:11
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Paincines (Pinnacle Rocks in Pinnacles National Monument), CA
Shape: Light
Duration:at least 15 minutes
These incidents occurred on the same night as the other incident that I posted about before in which a UFO star-like object moved in space/the sky. This area of our hike was also the most silent and darkest. A report that was submitted on 11/30/06 mentions that "SETI wanted to put their Scientific Instruments near the Pinnacle National Monument area" and that "their was reports of local boys in the Pinnacles area that even reported seeing UFOS". Indeed Pinnacles seems to be a hotspot for this kind of activity. My brother and I saw the same lights that he and others saw two years ago. The first set of lights were observed around 8 PM as we traveled toward the top of North Chalone Peak. We were on Chalone Peak Trail looking eastwards and down towards a large uninhabited canyon. My brother had told me about strange lights in that same area and I wanted to see them for myself. I tried to convince myself that I was just seeing something natural but after several minutes, I saw one of the lights kind of float and move southwards in a very slow but deliberate manner. The blue light seemed to move just like the star-like light I had observed much later in the sky. This blue light on the canyon would stop and then move again after several seconds. About two other lights appeared later but up further towards the south. As we walked further, about two lights also appeared below us but in a southwest location between Jackass Canyon and Divide Canyon. Incidentally, about 2,000 Native Americans were slaughtered and buried below that area. This is where we observed one of the lights also float in the canyon except that this particular light seemed to very slowly travel in a parallel direction toward the trail that we were on. We then continued our ascent to the top. After about 40 minutes, we then began to travel back on the trail to head back home. We again saw the same light continue to travel and float but we then continued on our journey. It started to rain a few minutes after we ! began ou r descent.

After it had been lightly raining for a few minutes and we were making our way on Chalone Peak Trail toward the bottom of the mountain about 10 minutes before Bear Gulch, we saw a normal-looking white light--the kind emitted by a light bulb--in the distance. We took the wrong trail near Bear Gulch Cave when we noticed the light directly below us in the northwest at the bottom of a canyon. I thought it was a light from the national park's employees' living quarters. After a few minutes, my brother commented on how the light seemed to be a guide for us since we had trouble finding our way back. The most surprising incident occured when we were nearing our way towards the end of the trail. This is when I saw that same light traveling passed us in the opposite direction, through a canyon that was to the left of the trail we were on. The light seemed to be about 70 feet directly across us to the left and at the same height of our heads. I only noticed it slightly but my brother asked me if I had seen the light to which I answered, yes. I quickly thought it was another hiker but realized that we were the only ones on the mountain, plus it was around 11:30 PM. Why would a hiker be traveling up the canyon where there are no trails on that canyon at that time? It was too late and it was raining. I later learned that the light didn't just pass us as I thought. My brother saw that same light floating and then disappearing in an instant. He didn't tell me that then because he said that I might have gotten scared. I then realized that the employees' living quarters was far away from the canyon where we had seen the light. I never felt any fear but I don't think I will ever travel there at night unless I do it with a group of people. I hate to think what would have happened if we had come into contact with any of those lights.