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Occurred : 1/11/2007 17:45 (Entered as : 1/11/07 17:45)
Reported: 1/11/2007 6:39:49 PM 18:39
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Riverside, CA
Shape: Circle
I live in Riverside,California and the reason I decided to post this picture on a forum (Generally a ufo site) is to find an explanation to this object I caught with my camera.

I took this picture around 5:45 P.M when I noticed a bright object on the sky above the hill. It does not look like any aircraft or a bird and if you look closely a redish trail is visible.

I took 3 pictures of this (the last one came alittle blureish) and if anyone has any idea of what this object can be please respond. (The picture is pretty big,I use a Sony 7.2 Megapixel Cybershot)

((NUFORC Note: Photo not sent to us, as of this writing. PD))