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Occurred : 1/8/2007 17:39 (Entered as : 01/08/07 17:39)
Reported: 1/10/2007 5:44:09 PM 17:44
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:a couple of seconds
Three lights or fireballs over Los Angeles, one was green, purple and blueish/white, at 7:40pm 1/8/07. Exact incident in Singapore

I left work at 7:30pm on Monday and walked up Larchmont Blvd in Los Angeles. When I got to the intersection of Larchmont and Melrose I noticed the sky lighting up towards the east. One block east of me is Paramount Pictures and I figured it was filming (battle scenes for Transformers have been shot all over LA the past 2 months). But the light got brighter and when I looked up I saw three things shooting down from the sky. I clearly remember seeing green, purple, and a white/blueish color. It got so bright I closed my eyes and it hit the floor. Power on that street shut down (and just that street). The floor shook and I remember hearing what sounded like an electrical voltage sound. Besides Paramount Pictures, the area around me is mostly residential, including the section of Melrose that the light hit. I saw several people walk outside to see what it was. I also noticed that some cars stopped dead as if they ran out of power.

About 2 minutes later I saw the LAPD arrive but they had no sirens on... just lights and they were don't anything. The cop cars (3 of them) just stopped in the middle of the street and the police officers just stood on the street outside the main entrance of Paramount looking at eachother. Cars continued to drive up and down the street. My bus arrived about 5 minutes later and I saw the cops and leaving and several black cars showing up. I also heard some kind of aircraft in the sky. Once before I had seen a black helicopter in the sky that only let off a humming noise instead of the usual noise helicopters make. Although I looked around I didn't see anything.

When I got home (Wilshire & Western) I told my roomate that something wierd had happened and told him of what came out of the sky and he said he saw the same thing from outside our building. He said he was texting someone from inside his truck and noticed lights. He specifically recalled seeing 3 beams of light and seeing green. He blow it off as electrical transformers blowing up (LA had a Santa Ana winds kicking up that day). But from my angle and view, no electrical transformer could ever be has high as I saw those lights.

Something we both noticed a short time later were hazmat trucks driving towards Paramount.

Nothing on the news reported what I saw. When I looked on the Craigslist, there was no talk to mention of what we saw. And I know there were other witnesses because not only did I see people walk out of the restuarants and homes, but because it was in the middle of Los Angeles.

The next day local news still had not reported anything, neither had the LA Times or yahoo.

Today I found a story that on Sunday in Singapore people reported the exact same thing I saw. 3 beams of light or fire, most mentioned they saw green. And the wierdest and scariest part that my roomate pointed out that I failed to look at, the Singapore newspaper story stated it happened at 7:40pm Sunday (they're a day behind Pacific time).

I can't find any more information though. Anyone else notice it? Or can find a news report about it??