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Occurred : 11/17/2006 05:00 (Entered as : 11/17/2006 05:00)
Reported: 1/10/2007 1:11:36 AM 01:11
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Pittsburg, CA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:20 min
appears organic in structure

I wrote to you about this location before, and caught it on film July 5, 2006. I used a vhs camera rather than a digital becaues I did not want pixelation to interfere with what I was filming. Some time later I went and bought a dvd vcr player to transfer the film to dvd so I could view it on High Definition big screen TV. From above the bart station in Pittsburg, the view was over the area where the pittsburg power plant was located. Behind this some distance away sits the Suisin marsh to the left and to the right the Travis Airforce base. As before the area observed seemed to be floating above the earth, you could see the thermal windmills beneath it. It seems to be organic in nature and takes up an immense amount of space. As sunrise advances you can see the sun rising between the earth and this thing, the sun shining behind the thermal windmills. This particular morning there appeared to be some sort of accident that kept the thing from cloaking. Before as the sun came up and started over the horizon, you could only see it while it was just rising, after it got up a bit in the sky, it seemed to cloak itself, I caught this on film in July, as soon as the sun hit a specific point, it dissappeared completely, and looked to be a patch of burn off or smog that never leaves no matter what time of day it is. just an orangeish smear across the sky until the next sunrise. At first I thought it might be a hallucination caused by plasma or water in the sky reflecting something that was on the earth somewhere, however I have studied the area, even using satellite images of the entire area and can find nothing that looks similar on the ground in a 50 mile radius. Anyway on this day, what people tried to convince me was a cloud, had an accident that made impact on this "cloud". You could still see the thermal windmills underneath this object, but on top of it was definitely a crash site. There were two spiraling stacks of smoke coming up from the place where it impacted? Five of the b! igger cr aft we had seen before were "circled" around the crash site. It was windy that morning, however nothing in that direction was moving with the wind. The smoke spirals stayed where they were for quite some time. The other craft which looked like a measure of "jet stream" except they were luminous, and brightly lit, instead of staying flat horizontal to the earth, were all in the sky above the crash site, bovering in one place sitting dexter and sinister to the earth, tilted diagonally.

Smaller craft were seen on the film we took of it after slowing it down to the slowest point we could without going frame by frame, film taken of these before revealed what we could not see because they moved that fast. Where I could see sparks showing up in the high sky with the naked eye, slowed down you could see they were some type of flying craft, that would enter and leave the larger craft. I tried to find any news release about activity that morning for several weeks, and finally found a report where they had reported that a flying craft had crashed into the Suisin marsh. the area of land where we keep seeing these things, are across the Sacramento River, and there is an area there of swamp and island marsh type land where at one time supposedly toxic waste had been dumped. Whether or not this is true I dont know, it doesnt look healthy. However that land is still viewed below where the thermal windmills are located. And since the sun comes up and can be seen between the thermal windmills and whatever it is that floats out there and cloaks itself at sunrise, I am inclined to believe this is something else entirely, and not only that it appears to be organic in nature. The film caught in July shows structures built on it, towers with strange large ball shaped things stuck to them, and several craft on platforms that tilt diagonally just before they project themselves into the air at such a velocity, all you can see is an instant of a streak accompanied by what may appear to be a spark when the sunlight shines off their hull. Recently I finally found someone with a large screen HD TV, (A retired school teacher) and I was able to take the film I had saved to DVD with me to view with them.

This definitely is not a cloud. And there definitely are structures there, and I dont know about the craft, but they look like flattened pac-men, and appear to be a bit beat up, however that may be a part of their camoflauge. To glance at them if you dont really LOOK at them I suppose some might try to say they were cloud formations, however each one are identical to the other, and it shows several of them "grounded" and several more that take off or dissappear. With the wind blowing at the rate it was, which you can see by the swaying trees also in the picture, this "cloud" did not move in July, nor has it moved since. Its like a cloaked organic structure that is always there, with craft that come and go. It is not Travis Airforce base, nor is it swampgas. Its not morning afterburn or fog, and its not in a place where there would be a large amount of fog. I am surprised after my posts that I have not heard any feedback. My friend who lives at the house where we shot the film also has a lot of footage of this phenomenon, including the craft that crashed and the five surrounding craft that hovered overhead at diagonal stances.