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Occurred : 1/6/2007 23:30 (Entered as : 01/06/2007 23:30)
Reported: 1/7/2007 12:04:25 PM 12:04
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Mesa, AZ
Shape: Circle
Duration:10-30 seconds
A brilliant orb hung motionless then moved directionally side to side, up/down turned west - could see aircraft was circular.

I am a public school teacher and do not drink or do drugs. I have never seen a UFO nor have I, until now ever placed much stock in the belief of such occurrences.

I am reporting a sighting I witnessed at approximately 11:30 PM on Jan 6, 2007 in Mesa AZ.

My friend called me into the backyard to see what he called an unusual aircraft. I was standing in my backyard facing south and saw a very bright orb or ball of light approximately 1000 feet above the ground and about 1-2 miles away.. It was about 40-60 feet in width, stationary, glowing and hovering just above my treetops.

It remained there for approximately 5 seconds, then "floated" slightly downward in a vertical direction, immediately slightly sideways in a western direction and then started turning westward. As it turned, it tilted downward and the light became less evident and its shape was more visible.

It was a circular aircraft with what appeared to have as one brilliant head light with a circular light pattern of about 6 lights around it. The lights were mostly white and red, switching to either all white or just all red. It was silent and did not make a normal jet engine sound or any sound that would indicate to us that it was a helicopter or airplane.

Living in the Phoenix area we witness nightly, helicopters with spotlights. This was not at all similar.

As the object floated westward it did so silently. Within 10 seconds I could no longer see it.