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Occurred : 1/5/2007 02:23 (Entered as : 01/05/07 2:23)
Reported: 1/5/2007 8:00:20 PM 20:00
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Kansas City, MO
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:16 seconds
I was taking my dog out at 2:23 AM on 01/05/07 and while looking to the East toward Liberty, Missouri.

I saw the weirdest thing I have ever seen in the sky. I saw what I first believed to be a star. However, about three seconds into looking at the star it disappeared. I then noticed this same light reappear several miles to the Southeast of where I first saw it. Then the light disappeared again. The next time I saw the light was about five seconds later. The light was almost exactly where I saw it the first time. I thought this was odd flying for an aircraft, especially at this odd hour of the morning. It almost felt like the object knew or sensed that I was watching it.