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Occurred : 1/1/2007 01:37 (Entered as : 01/01/2007)
Reported: 1/2/2007 1:35:13 PM 13:35
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: White Pass, WA
Shape: Sphere
2 Ufo's Near White Pass -1:37am new years day

My Husband and I were driving over to Yakima via white pass on New years early morning 1:37 to be exact when we came around a bend about a quarter mile past spiral butte going east.When My husband said check out that light in the sky- when I leaned forward and looked over at it there was an extremely bright wide beam of light shining back and forth along the Hogbackor/Twin peaks mountain ridgeline it was a bit cloudy out so we could see the beams so perfect even from that distance away, I pulled over right away I said that is NOT a plane and there is NO way someone is up there doing that, no way no how! Then another light appeared out of no where and joined the other object, circling it a few times then disappeared behind another range. It looked as if they were 'playing'- we watched for a good 15 minutes as they would move straight up and down and then sideways, at one point I thought I spotted a third but it was so difficult to tell because it appeared so dim- They would pulsate, these objects would get very bright and change almost like a rainbow of warmer colors red yellows etc. They did get very dim and disappear and then reappear very bright or fade back into view, very strange, yet very exciting- I would have sat there forever but the boys in the backseat were so scared they were getting sick to ther stomachs-Sounds silly but I though well If I can see them this clear they must be able to see my headlights, so I jokingly flashed my head lights on and off a few times but what happened then really freaked us all out- both objects shot out in a perfect line up as if someone screamed at them to stop- I started to drive and the objects slowly followed us around the ridgline for about 20 seconds then one stayed with us for apprx 2 minutes as if Peeking at us from behind the mountain- I am still bothered that I could not sit there forever and watch- We tried to capture them on video but it was sso dark It justwould not focus so far away :-(( I want to go back I want to see more I guess! I reall y want to know what the hell I was watching out there- We have seen a lot of the same type things in the skies in this same general area, but never this close or vivid in the past 4 years - we go camping and hiking almost every weekend rain or shine.