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Occurred : 6/1/1986 11:00 (Entered as : 1986 11:00)
Reported: 1/2/2007 9:39:30 AM 09:39
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Norway,
Shape: Disk
Ex Royal Marine -I saw -I believe ?

I was in the armed forces doing a winter exercise with the Royal Marines in 1986, I think it was March/April Time. I was making a Snow hole when a friend of mine shouted towards me to look over the Tree Line as we were digging in inside the woods.

When I looked up I say this disc shape craft that gave off a brilliant white light from its under carrige- evryone stopped what they were doing and we just sat their in ore of this amazing craft, minutes later a second craft same as the first came in to view from the same direction as the 1st -over the tops of the trees.

Their was 12 of us just standing quite in ore of these craft that gave off no noise and no fumes of any discription, I walked forward from my snow hole for about 80ft and the 1st craft gave off this brilliant white light that shot straight down from its under carrige to the ground were we all stood looking up.

The next thing I remember is being back in my snow Hole with my friend and it was 3 hrs later than when we had been looking outside-which only felt like 5 minutes a go.

I am now out of the Marines, myself and a few of the guys who witnessed this evenyt still talk about are visit from God only knows and are time loss///? now comes the Good bit...we were picked up 1hr later from Helicopters and taking back to camp -everyone of us still in disbelieve at what had just taking place ? I mean here we are 12 normal guys just digging snow holes on a Exercise for the Military and the next thing we no we are all carted off in to a office with Generals and What I can only think of as Goverment agents-they stood at the back not saying much but every now and then nodding their heads in agreement.

It didnt feel write from the moment I stepped inside the office-? OK my head was in bits because one minute I am digging a snow hole and the next I am picked up by helicopter and whisked away to an office full of generals and God only knows who else was in the room, but I was feeling a little at ease.

They asked all sorts of questions and at the end of it all made all of us sign a form saying it was a Satellite falling to earth -I mean why go to all that bother to prove something that even today I dont even no myself what the hell happened.

My wife as told me to go and get Hypnotized-and try to pierce together what did happen all those years ago when I was a 21 year old Marine on exercise in a cold and dark Norway...I am affraid to go and get Hypnotized just incase I dont like the outcome...But I did have a reacurring dream were 2 men in dark suits and glasses walk me along a corridor, and just before I wake up one of th emen touch the back of my right ear and I instantly fall asleep and wake up the next morning very tired and thirsty-? Thats all I have to say I could write on for ever but who believes ?? I didnt until ithis happened.

Simon I am sorry I havent left you more details as in my true name ect -but I was also threatend...sorry