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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/17/1993 18:00 (Entered as : 04/17/93 18:00)
Reported: 11/30/2006 10:00:58 PM 22:00
Posted: 12/7/2006
Location: Rye (west of), CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 hours
Bright light in sky in Colorado 1993 revealed as triangular craft from photo analysis.

There were four of us...all male. All of us have prior military service (Navy, Army (2), and Air Force) and are good observers--2 of us were officers). We had traveled from Colorado Springs, Colorado, to visit a work of art in progress (Bishop's Castle, a very cool hand-made structure all readers must visit someday....) on a beautiful Saturday, April 17, 1993. We drove a Jeef Cherokee to the castle, which is just west of Rye, Colorado, off I-25, south of Pueblo, taking CO-165 West.

We left the castle to find a 4-wheel drive trail to explore west of there. We stopped at a large rock formation near a trail, when "D" yelled at the three of us to look at a strange light in the sky. We were looking to the east/southeast at around 110 degrees or so. The sun was behind the mountains to our west and light was fading quickly. The three of us looked at this 'star' and didn't see anything, at first. We actually told "D" he was hallucinating....this got him a bit mad at us. We were going back to gathering wood for a fire, as it was getting chilly as the sun set. After about 10 minutes, "D" again yelled at us to check out the light, which we all did. And sure enough, we ALL saw this very bright, rapidly 'twinkling' white light move incredibly fast to a secondary position in the sky....and then back to the original position, all within the blink of an eye!! This was incredible....we all were quite amazed and spellbound. The light continued to do these rapid linear displacements (equivalent distance of 2-3 times my thumb length while my arm is held out, base of thumb near the light....). I estimate the light to have been 10-15 miles away, but it was hard to tell as we had no minimal reference points. There was a ridge in front of us to the east with plenty of pine trees, and the light was well past that. It was at an angle of about 35 degrees from the horizontal plane from our position, again looking towards the easterly direction. What was also pronounced was the rapid pulsing of the light! , which was the brightest object in the sky (stars were just beginning to appear as the sun set....around 1800 (MST) or so). It seemed to have bursts of red and blue, but it just (at first) seemed like a bright, twinkling star. That is, until it shot off in different directions so fast, and then back to the same spot again1! It did this several times....we all saw it. I finally recalled I had a camera with me, and as a plus I had brought a tripod! So, I raced to the Jeep and got my camera setup with the longest lense setup I had available (2x teleconverter with a 80-200 zoom lense). My only film (1 last roll....I'd shot 4 or 5 of the castle!) was a 100asa 24 exposure roll of Kodak. I loaded it and grabbed the tripod and headed up the hill! My three friends stayed with the campfire below, continuing to observe the light as it bobbed and moved to various positions, but staying within the general area of just east of our position. I got my camera setup, despite the steep angle on the hillside and had a pretty clear view of the light (from the campfire, it had been dipping below the treetops in front of us). I used a cable to activate the shutter, as I did several long exposure shots. I decided on this strategy to capture a picture since the film speed was too slow for such low light exposure. I had a couple of problems with the cable release, as 2 times it got stuck and allowed a regular high speed 1/1000 exposure.....wasted film, I figured.) After several hours of trying to get pictures, the light disappeared behind clouds that came up from the west. It was then we left the area, just around 2330 or so. The next day, I took to the film I'd shot to the 1 hour photo shop at the mall. What I got back was really not much, at first. Just a bright dot and lines. But, 2 pictures were unusual. 1 looked like a 'tadpole' with a bright head and a tail??? The other...well, I guess some would call it a '1 in a million' shot, and it is. It clearly shows 3 separate and distinct lights, all at low level intensity. Connecting the lights are straight is definitely a triangular shaped craft!! Now, what I must make clear....none of us (the four witnesses) ever saw a distinct shape, except for a round, bright light. This was quite profound to me, as this told me a LOT. Whoever controlled this craft was intelligent....and using a camouflage method that sure seemed to work well. Secondly, the other timed exposure pictures revealed another fact: Whoever controlled the craft also was smart enough to use the stars as cover, moving the craft in perfect sidereal time!! It was emulating a star!! (the lengths of the lines created by the star movement = time. The bright light as well as observable background stars in the picture all have parallel light trails of equal lenght!). This, to me, is a vital clue. This was a very clever and effective sure worked on us! But, the camera does not lie....I have the picture (and digital pix here!). I had it blown up, and this is an amazing picture.) In any case, we all agreed we had seen the same thing....but, the pictures told a very important story--that there was an intelligence operating whatever type of craft it was....not something I'd ever seen before! And it made no noise whatsoever. This is my true story; I was reluctant in the past to tell anyone but close friends, but the picture still amazes those who see it.....maybe these facts will help other researchers.