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Occurred : 11/29/2006 16:00 (Entered as : 11292006 16:00)
Reported: 11/30/2006 5:27:48 AM 05:27
Posted: 12/7/2006
Location: Columbus, GA
Shape: Fireball
On the afternoon of 28 November, 2006, according to the Fire and Police Chief of Columbus, Georgia, "several credible witnesses" stated that they saw "something shiny and bright crash into a wooded area directly behind the Pratt & Whitney plant just off US 80 (Macon Rd)"

Scores of police, fire and at least one FAA official raced to the scene. (This account can be seen on the WTVM Channel 9 Columbus, Georgia website) The "search" was joined by "personnel from Fort Benning, Georgia, the Georgia State Patrol and several "unidentified" personnel"

According to the officals, "...after searching for over 5 hours (including the use of helicopters) NOTHING was found". In addition, the fire chief made a statement to a local news crew (on film) that..."sometimes people see what they think is something and it really is nothing...."

Several large tractor trailers were seen going into the area which had been contained by police. According to the local press, the witnesses (which are suppose to have been "interviewed" by the local Police on Wednesday the next day) all stated that something "crashed" and it appeared to be a bring, shiny object travelling at high speed.

Interestingly, the police, fire and FAA offical stated on the next day that "neither the local Columbus Metropolitan Airport or Fort Benning Lawson Army Airfield radar had shown NO sign of ANY craft or object on radar at the supposed time of impact. BUT I spoke to the head weather reporter for a local TV station who told me that his station has thier OWN RADAR and they showed "something" striking the area at the approximate time given.

Further, I and another professional educator (with both hold Phd's) were travelling next to the Columbus Metro Airport at approximately 1:00 PM on Weds (the next day) NOTE: THE Airport is LESS than 3 miles from the supposed crash site when both I and the other professor saw a COMPLETELY UNMARKED, White, 727 Jet land at the Columbus Airport.

As the plane taxied by us (we were NO more than 100 feet from the! plane which was slightly above us at an angle moving towards the main compound) my companions vehicle, lost all power, all gauges went dead, power steering, engine, everything and we guilded to a stop. We both existed the vehicle thinking something mechanically major had gone wrong with his vehicle.

At that moment the plane began to slowly pass us as it was taxing from the main runway. I picked up my cell phone to call a mechanic and found my cell phone to be dead. My companions cell phone was also dead.

We both watched the plane as it went by us. Both of us are veterans and have travelled MANY times on 727's.

Almost at the same moment, we both spoke because we noticed that the plane had NO MARKINGS OF ANY tail numbers, nothing. The plane had a strange finish and almost looked (excuse the obvious pun) whitewashed.

When the plane got approximately 100 feet FROM us, my companions car RESTARTED with no apparent reason, or damage of any kind. In addition, both my and my companions cell phone came back on.

We are both academic professors and are empiricists. We have NEVER been involved in ANY such thing before.

I immediatally attempted to call the airport to inquire about the plane. I was connected (I dont know why to this number) the fire/police crash station. I started to ask the man who answered about the plane.

He ruded cut me off and stated, "that is a private plane, thank you" and hung up.

Approximately 30 minutes later I arrived home and I decided to try and call the local aviation company which sells fuel and such and is next to the main terminal. I called CSG Aviation. I young woman answered and I inquired about the plane. She was obviously very young and most likely, simple desk help. I asked about the 727 "private plane" at which time she CORRECTED ME and told me "Oh no, that was a GOVERNMENT PLANE"

I asked how she knew that and she said that "It had picked up SOMETHING which it loaded into its rear section and it also refueled, a man in a coat and tie came from the plane and PAID for the fuel with a credit card which had US Treasury and an account number on it." She said thats how she knew it was a "government plane".

An additional call to the Airport admin office confused me further. At that time I was now told that, " I was mistaken, that NO PLANE, much less a 727, had landed or taken off during the time period I gave".

When my wife got home, I told her of my encounter and SHE INFORMED ME about the "crash" the say before. I had not been feeling well and had not read the paper or seen the news.

Needless to say, this revelation absoluted stunned me.

I am trying to get the "witnesses statements" from the police. I FIRMLY believe that SOMETHING WAS FOUND AND RECOVERED and that it was taken from Columbus the next day in the STRANGE and unexplained "ghost plane" my friend and I saw.

We have a huge military base here with its own airport. Logic states that if this was something military, they would of taken it to Fort Benning.

I was also told that during the same period that "debris" was reported striking areas around Montgomery, Alabama which is appoximately 100 miles from here.

I have NEVER been involved or even interested in anything like this but circumstances has changed that.

((NUFORC Note: We have spoken via telephone with the source of this report, and he impressed us with his sincerity, and with the volume of information he had collected about the incident. He asserts that members of the Georgia State Police, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, members of the military, and employees of the FAA were on site, at the time that the area was closed off.

We have requested that he provide more information about the incident, and that he have the other witness to the 727 landing also submit a report of his recollection of the event.