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Occurred : 7/31/2006 04:00 (Entered as : 07/31/06 04:00)
Reported: 11/5/2006 11:13:25 AM 11:13
Posted: 12/7/2006
Location: Kelowna (Canada), BC
Shape: Sphere
bright light seen over black mountain before crop circle reported

I awoke at 4;00 a.m. because my dog was barking. I looked out the window and saw a large white object low in the sky. I watched the object for over an hour with binoculars. The object was very bright and I could not see defined lines of the shape but could tell it was sphere shaped with some sort of lights coming out of the top. I used a tree across the street to gauge the position of it in the sky.

the object didn't do anything over this hour except float upwards until It was so far up that it looked like a star, by that time it was light out. I went back to bed at that point. 4 days later the front page of our local paper reported a crop circle in a nearby town which to me looked identicle to the light I saw.