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Occurred : 9/22/2006 00:40 (Entered as : 09/22/06 0:40)
Reported: 10/31/2006 2:06:51 PM 14:06
Posted: 12/7/2006
Location: Amarillo, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:60 - 90 seconds
Overflight of three white luminescent delta shaped craft in a triangular formation.

The city of Amarillo sits at about 3700' above sea level and if you are in an area where street lighting or other ambient lighting is somewhat blocked, the sky can be fairly dark for a metropolitan area. Such was the location of my sighting; an east-west driveway that is bounded by a seven foot wood gate on the east, my house (roof height of 25' to 40' at its peak) along the south side, my neighbors 6' fence, house and 50' tree on the north side boundary, and the west side bounded by a stand of 30 -45' trees. My house sits in the east to west take-off flight path of our airport which is approx. 10 miles due east. Those planes are normally transiting a bit north of, yet parallel with this driveway. As an avid aviation buff since I was very young (my grandfather had a horse farm right across the highway from the now closed Amarillo Air Base which was a SAC installation), I am always checking the sky. On this particular night at 12:35 AM, I had taken my dogs out one last time for the night and I was standing in the driveway area that is darker than any other area around the north or west side of my house, perusing the sky. For whatever reason, I was looking straight to the east when I noticed three pinpoints of light emerging from the tree line of my neighbors house across the street (this would have been at an angle of about 20 degrees). These three points of light increased in size to the point where I could see that they were each delta shaped and were in a tight triangular formation as well. I was stunned that they were perfectly aligned with my driveway! At about 75 degrees I could see that the back edge of each delta shaped light was blurred. When these objects were directly overhead I would say that they were each about 1 1/2 width of a quarter. The formation remained tight until about 120 degrees (the objects were close to entering the west tree line boundary which would obscure my clear view) when the lights suddenly performed a "shuffling" move and regrouped into the same triangular formation. During the entire episode, I would say that each light's luminosity remained constant, only the relative size of the object/light increased and diminished as would be expected. Absolutely no noise whatsoever. One final kicker - as I was trying to figure the speed/altitude of the overflight and looking straight up from the same position - I saw a meteor streak from southeast to northwest and flame out right over my head! (obviou sly at a very high altitude because the streak was the length of my forearm and unobstructed by the roof line). Because of the manner in which the lights first appeared I was thinking that they could be at a fairly low altitude (5000 - 10,000'?), but at the overhead apex I just could not get a "read". But I do estimate their speed to be at least 3-5 times faster than an aircraft if they were both at a relative cruising altitude. But I do have to emphasize the point that while this sighting was very exciting, the orientation of their east to west flight path right down the center axis of my driveway was astonishing!