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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/28/2006 18:15 (Entered as : 10/28/2006 18:15)
Reported: 10/28/2006 5:37:02 PM 17:37
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Marshfield, MO
Shape: Light
Duration:25 minutes
Bright lights, jets, mystery.

My son was walking our dog and called me on his cell phone and said he was watching some very strange lights in the sky and I should come see this for myself.

I grabbed my keys and my daughter and I got in the car and drove to the area where he said he was. This took about 1 to 2 minutes.

We all saw a bright circle in the sky east of Marshfield. It was traveling slowly straight up and then down. It moved in circles and even in a z shape. Periodically it would split into 2 lights and then reform into 1. We watched this for about 13 minutes and then what appeared to be 2 jets very quickly flew from the north straight for the light. 1 jet almost appeared to collide with it and the 2nd jet flew past.

That's when we noticed the second light about a 1/2 mile further south. this light then turned red and then white over and over and then went straight up into the clouds. At this point we noticed the other light was gone also. The jets flew north. We returned home. The entire time I was telling my husband about it over the cell phone. He was out of town at the time.

We love stories about ufo's but have never personally seen anything. This was awsome!