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Occurred : 9/5/1999 06:30 (Entered as : 09/05/1999 6:30)
Reported: 10/27/2006 9:09:59 AM 09:09
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Sutton, WV
Shape: Disk
Duration:approx 10 Min
Object in Early Morning Sky over Sutton,WV 3 witnesses

i just got out of the shower and walked out on my front porch to look at the sunrise. I was a senior at Braxton County High and my nephew was staying with me for a while. As i stood on the porch looking to the east to my left at the orange,pink, and purple sky something on the horizion of the grey sky to my right caught my eye. Just at the top of the treeline there was something moving making no sound roughtly 1.5-2 miles away. I watched it for a few minutes and tried to reason out what it was i was seeing. It was a large "saucer" that was a dark flat color that was black or very dark grey. I ran in the house to get my nephew who just got in the shower so he could see the object. He said,"WHAT WHAT). I pointed up and there was the object just as i had seen it. It started moving higher in the sky and closer to where we were standing. the object WAS NOT stationary and perfectly still, but wobbled like a top. It was close enought that i can see details of the object. The center section of the object was stationary and the outside of it was rotation radidly. We must have stood there watching it for 7 minutes or so when i heard someone walking their dogs about to enter the intersection where my nephew and I were anding in the road. It was my 3rd grade teacher who lived 3 houses up from me. She said hi and looked at us like what are you doing... I asked, "her what was that?" and pointed to the object in the sky. she looked up and asked us what that was i said "I don't Know"!!! She said it that a UFO???, and i stated i had no clue. She said she didn't want to know what that was and ran up the street crying. As the object moved higher and closer i ran to the next block where my uncle, grandmother, and aunt who had recently had a stroke lived. i banged on the door hoping that my uncle would be awake but no one came to the door as the object passed less than a 3/4 of a mile away. To this day I have never seen anything like that again and will NEVER forget the experience!!!

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))