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Occurred : 10/24/2006 20:50 (Entered as : 10/24/06 20:50)
Reported: 10/26/2006 9:48:02 AM 09:48
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Shape: Light
Duration:2 events, 90 seconds tota
Several flashes of light from a stationary point very high in the night sky, followed by a moving fuzzy red light

10/24/06, 20:50 Sky conditions clear, Milky Way plainly visible.

Approximately 8:50 pm as I stepped out onto our second floor deck a bright white star like flash of light high in the night sky caught my eye, it originated from a point about 80 degrees up and directly in the SSW. I continued to watch the area thinking it was just a plane or possibly the final glint from an Iridium flare, after four or five seconds another flash occurred in exactly the same spot. No other lights were visible near that point of light. After another four to five seconds another flash appeared in exactly the same place, it was clear now that this was coming from a stationary source. I observed three more flashes approximately the same time apart as the previous ones; the last two however were about half the intensity as the first four.

After several minutes and no activity I decided that it was over and I went inside to get the phone.

I went back out with the phone and called my father to tell him about what I had just seen all the while keeping my eye on that area of the sky.

Five minutes into the conversation I observed a commercial jet heading from South to North, nothing unusual. At about the same time as I noticed the jet coming from the South a fuzzy, red pulsating light appeared in the SSW slightly lower in the sky than the first event I described above. After a few seconds it was apparent that this red light was moving in my general direction and that it would pass directly overhead and that it would also intersect the path of the northbound jet, although at a much higher altitude. Careful scrutiny of the silent, rapidly approaching red light revealed absolutely no other lights on this craft. The light itself appeared somewhat fuzzy, with the apparent size of a pea held at arms length, it had a central hotspot that seemed very slightly less red than the overall area of red light. It appeared to pulsate between bright and dim about once a second, never actually going black between pulses.

The night was practically silent, no traffic no, ambient noise. The only sounds were the barely discernable engine noise from the faraway jet and the occasional rustling of leaves.

As I said the red light was headed in my general direction, moving from the SSW to the NNE and from my perspective it appeared that it was going to pass through the very same spot in the sky as the light flashes noted above. At the point when it did reach that spot, and coincidently high above the northbound jet this red light suddenly changed direction. It’s hard to describe, but essentially, one second it’s on a path that will bring it directly overhead and the next it’s moving parallel to the northbound jet, although higher and to the right of the plane. I was able to observe the jet and this object for the next 10 or 15 seconds as they headed North and eventually out of my view.