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Occurred : 10/11/2006 05:40 (Entered as : 10-11-06 5:40)
Reported: 10/11/2006 10:30:58 AM 10:30
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: York, ME
Shape: Disk
Duration:30 seconds
Illuminated but not shiny disc with three large pulsing lights underside, white to red, following path along the Atlantic coastline.

Looking to the eastern sky I saw what at first thought to be a bright star or planetary object but as it moved closer toward the Atlantic coastline I could see that it was a flying object moving at an even but rapid rate of speed. In profile it appeared disc shaped with three large pulsing lights which changed from white to red during the time it was in my field of vision. The sky was very clear and the object was about thirty degrees above the horizon.The craft I would approximate to be twice the lenghth of a commercial passenger jet and appeared illuminated from within. My impression was the smoothness of the path ,not as if propelled by itself but rather as if being pulled by some force across the sky. The effect was somewhat hypnotic.