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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/21/2006 13:00 (Entered as : 05/21/06 13:00)
Reported: 10/8/2006 9:10:02 AM 09:10
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Keene (Canada), ON
Shape: Circle
Duration:10 to 15 minutes
Round white disk flying at low altitude followed by heavy downpour and boat sinking

Keene is a small isolated village southeast of Peterborough, Ontario, between Ottawa and Toronto approximately. Keene is the Native location of the Hiawathas of Rice Lake. On May 20 - 21/2006 a Pow Wow was being held at Keene. The dancing was temporarily suspended due to a sudden downpour just after an unidentified flying craft passed overhead. A large private boat sank on Rice Lake close to an island a few minutes later and appeared as a front page article in the Toronto Sun with only some surviving.

Date of Observation - May 21, 2006 Number of Unidentified Craft - One.

Relative Position to Me - Directly overhead.

Background - The craft was clearly outlined against an intense clear blue sky.

Estimated Altitude - 3 to 6 thousand feet.

Heading - South.

Wind Direction aloft - South.

Wind Direction ground - West.

Wind Speed Aloft - 30 MPH is an average Wind Speed Ground - 20 - 30 MPH.

Visibility - Sky clear but for a few scattered white puffy clouds. No haze.

Speed of Craft - 30 MPH and same as surrounding clouds.

Action of Craft - "Nonchalant" attracting no particular attention while seeming to be "drifting" along in perfect time with the surrounding clouds.

Weather - Undisturbed, a 95% clear rich blue sky.

Location of Sun - High in the sky.

Unusual Phenomena - Rain (Occasional squalls before and immediately after).

Appearance of craft - Circular (resembled a four-hole button) + (resembled a paw print with a trailing thinner slipstream). It was making way on a steady course, at a steady speed, making no sounds. Its image was also steady, no shimmering or reflection of sunlight.

Contrail - Slightly noticable.

Estimated Size of craft - 3 to 5 hundred feet.

Colour of craft - Brilliant white with four dark grey circular markings, themselves outlined in a lesser grey tone.

Markings - four dark grey marks on side facing the ground.

Shape of marks - circular.

Estimated Size of marks - 1/5 the diameter of the craft.

Colour of markings - dark grey framed by a much lighter grey edging.

Means of Propulsion - speculate that there are 4 stabilizing jets corresponding with the 4 dark circles on the bottom of the craft.

Sound - Nothing heard from overhead Both witnesses remarked on the craft - one described it as looking like a paw and the second from western Canada indicated that when they appear it is a harbinger of hail.

Recently I found a website containing an image of this craft exact in every way - the image was taken in South Africa in 1963. In this photograph the craft appears to be flying on edge with the four marks facing the photographer from an azumith of about 30 degrees and seems to be making a left bank.

I reported this website via the Internet to a couple of friends shortly after which it no longer could be viewed by this observer (October 8, 2006). After sending a query to the website it was reinstated and can be found at: (Subtract one character from each letter preceding "evidence" in this address for the correct site address) I have now made several floppy copies of this craft from the website, if it becomes unavailable again I can mail them.

Personal Background I age 66 and retired and educated as a psychologist, a business administrator, a military radio technician and a high school teacher. I have a long background in technical design and analysis for defence projects. Among other things I am a licenced Amateur Radio Operator, I am also an amateur photographer, although I was in the air force, I was not a flier. I am not ever given to going off half cocked and I do look quite carefully and often quadruple check unusual events for logical explanations and often find them. My first witness (looked like a paw) is a level headed surveyor accustomed to using his vision professionally and noting with care. My second witness (harbinger of hail) is more of a passing nature, an out of town visitor whom I asked what he thought of that cloud. Being that I am involved within and without the military troubleshooting complicated electronic equipment and systems, I have developed a keen habit of noting almost everything visual. I use corrective lenses and I was using them at the time. I am diet controlled Diabetic Type II and so was quite in charge of my senses. I know that the ground winds were from the West as the forest was shielding us from the wind in our tents. There can be no doubt as to the date of this event for a)I have found the debit card record for a purchase of wild rice and b) that the wind and the rain woke me up several times during the night before this sighting. There is absolutely no question in my mind now, that this can be nothing other than a manufactured machine having found a picture of it (now lost but recovered again as we "speak") on the website mentioned above.