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Occurred : 10/1/2006 21:35 (Entered as : 10/01/06 21:35)
Reported: 10/4/2006 10:36:24 AM 10:36
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Tin Cup, CO
Shape: Changing
Duration:10 seconds
Four tightly packed objects glowing green moving at 150 mph 1/4 mile away spread out equally spaced within 2 seconds.

My wife and I were seated watching the fireplace fire when I saw a moving object thru the upper edge of the glass doors leading to the deck of our cabin. I judged it to be a clump of 4 tightly spaced objects glowing green moving about 150 mph west to east at elevation 10,500'about 1/4 mile away. Our cabin elevation is 10,300". After calling attention to her and watching it then thru the cabin window I rushed out to the deck to see it passing behind a large tree. At that time (within the approx. two seconds while changing positions and it being out of my sight) it had changed to four separate pieces spaced equally apart. The distance between each being about 1.5 times the length of the single stick formation. Each piece was about the size of an oil drum; my original impression was that the "stick" was about half the length and diameter of a small aircraft making a landing approach. The group disappeared behind trees and I waited for over 30 seconds to see or hear an impact. Unless they had made a right angle upward turn they had to have collided with the steep terrain within seconds of passing out of sight. There was no noise, smoke or small particles trailing behind during the entire sighting. My cabin location: N38 45.376,W106 28.599