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Occurred : 9/12/2006 06:45 (Entered as : 09/12/06 6:45)
Reported: 9/13/2006 2:59:46 AM 02:59
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Landers, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 min
I saw a real something in the sky. Clear as a bell and very interesting

The object was round. It looked as if it was spinning. Silver with flashes of light. Like a ball of spinning mercury. It was hovering over the house on the next rural block. Silent! It was a clear wonderfull morning. The background was the mountains so it shown very clear. This area is well known for activity. It is not the first time I have witnessed activity, but, the most disturbing. This sounds strange, but it noticed me. I noticed it. I felt a bit of mental presure. Sounds crazy I know. I was not scared, just concerned. The object was there for at least 5 min. I had time to call my partner and tell him. At one point it looked as if it was heading my way. This is when I felt the mental presure. My partner yelled at me to get the camera. My dogs had been unusually quiet untill now. All 10 started to howl (I have an informal dog rescue and no we are not trashy people). This is the point it started to head west into the mountains slowly. I went to get the camera and by the time I got it running, the object was gone.

This is stranger. I started to get confused soon after this. I had to stop and center myself. I felt strange. I am a person who is never a victim of life, but I started to get confused and a bit forgetfull, like I wanted to, a bit of mental time slipage? I called my best friend. We talked. I felt fine. I then laid down for a nap with my dogs. I am o.k. I did not lose any time, but I did feel affected. I refuse to let them take me from the light.

In retrospect. I think it was doing something over there. Something happened or an exchange took place, something not very nice. My gut is never wrong. I went over to talk to the neighbors. They refused to talk to me. This is rural desert, so that behavior is not unexpected. This is an area next to Goat Mountain and Giant Rock. The Integratron is not far away and 29 Palms Base is right to the east. The unusual weather, paranormal, and sightings are not uncommon during the year I have been here. I have personally talked to people who have been "abducted" in this area. We also see a lot of orbs as of late. I have been told we will have a quake soon by oldtimers. But, that is an other story.

While I have the stage. I believe something big is going on. That is for sure. To all my friends out there. Hold yourself in the light (I am a Quaker). Center your self. I know people who have been very affected by events such as this and worse. This is our life, our world. Some call it prayer. Whatever, just empower your self. Do not be scared. Bad things are happening, also good too. You are not crazy. Do not be a victim. Best of luck.

Please forgive any grammer and spelling mistakes.

Thank you, DM