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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/15/1975 23:00 (Entered as : 11/00/75 23:00)
Reported: 8/18/2006 9:48:37 PM 21:48
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Townsend, MA
Shape: Circle
Duration:20 minutes
Bright object resembling a full moon with strobe like chaser lights going around the bottom. Used a spot light then left.

This sighting took place back in 1975-1976. I never reported this as I thought no one would believe me. Recently, I was watching a special UFO show on the Discovery channel and just about fell off my bed when a photo showed a UFO that was EXACTLY like the one my Mother and I saw way back when. Perhaps I will now come forward and hope my experience will help you and those researching UFO's.

When my sighting took place, I had been in bed with an illness. I was laying on what my parents called our "sun porch" it was a room filled with windows and hanging plants. It was around 11:30 PM as my Father and Mother were watching a Football game on the TV. I'm not sure if this was in October or November but it was definately one of those months. In any event I had been laying in bed and noticed it was getting very light outside. I thought that odd, so I looked out the window to investigate. I was shocked to find hovering over our barn a very large circular object that looked like a full moon. It definately was NOT the moon as the moon was in a different area of the sky. It made NO noise at all, NOTHING! I screamed for my parents to come and look but my Father just laughed and continued watching the game. My Mother on the other hand, did come out to investigate with me. We opened the door and went out side to get a better view. The object was approximately 20-30 feet above our barn and was very bright. The craft had a metalic type appearence in the shape of a full moon and the same brightness. I ventured out to the lawn while my mother stood on the porch watching. I can still remember looking up at this object while standing on the cold,grass. I waved at it and yelled up but it just continued to hover over our barn. I then noticed lights which looked like chaser lights in a strobe like fashion going all around the bottom outside of the craft. It continued strobing for about 5 minutes then suddenly a bright light focused directly onto me. My Mother began yelling for me to get back into the house immediately. I will NEVER forget that night as long as I live! My hair stood up similar to when your wearing stocking feet on a carpet. The light was fixed directly onto me and what ever was operating the craft definately saw me and focused a spot light of some kind directly onto me for about 10 minutes. I felt as if I could not even move it was very weird sensation which is very difficult to even describe. I could hear my Mother yelling for me to get back into the house and suddenly I was able to move again and ran as fast as I could back into the house. The spot light continued to stay in place even after I was back on the porch. With in a few minutes the spot light disappeared and the craft continued to hover above our barn with out making a single sound. Then it suddenly disappeard. It just vanished and was gone.

My Mother and I went inside to tell my Father what had happened. He told us we were crazy and wanted to know what we had been drinking. My Mother was a Nurse and worked for a local town Physician. Townsend was a small town and my Mother and I decided not to mention our experience to anyone as we felt no one would believe us, or they would definately make fun of it. Even so, I had a difficult time trying to explain to friends and neighbors why I had a sun burn in the middle of fall when I had not even been outside due to my illness. My Mother and I came to the conclusion that the spot light from the floating object caused the sunburn. We had no other explanation for the redness of my skin. I had gone to bed pale and woke up with a sunburn! Why? I have no clue! Since that time I never forgot that and probably never will. I was NOT taken into the craft or saw aliens or anything like that. I have no idea what my Mother and I saw that night but it definately was NOT military. When I graduated High school, I went onto spend 2 years in College then dropped out of College and went into the United States Navy. My military training consisted of working in a PatWing where I saw lots of planes. I spoke with several fighter pilots and worked as a radio operator with a TS clearance. Several pilots spoke to me about things they had seen but were unable to discuss.

Regardless of that, I've always wanted to know if anyone else had ever seen what my Mother and I saw back in Townsend Mass on that chilly night. I've rarely spoken to anyone about that particular night but feel that someone should know. Hopefully people like you who research this for a living might help to shed some light on the sightings that I and so many others in this World have seen.

This took place many years ago. Like my Mother, I also went to Nursing School after I was discharged from the Navy. I only tell you this so you will know I am a reliable witness to what I saw. Perhaps one day we will all have an answer to what is happening in the skies of our World. I know for a fact that our Government and the Government of other Countries keep things from the public which I've never understood why.

Thank you for your research and I wish you luck.

Sincerely ((initials deleted))

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date in November 1975 is approximate. PD))