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Occurred : 7/24/2006 02:35 (Entered as : 07/24/06 2:35)
Reported: 8/5/2006 7:30:34 PM 19:30
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Conil (Spain),
Shape: Oval
Duration:Less than a minute
Three oval-shaped, fast-moving, bright aircraft that make no sound weave across the sky at lightning speed.

I wrote this to my father two days after I saw whatever it was in the sky.

I’m leaning out of my window for all of two minutes when I see three of these really strange oval shape things crossing the sky in front of my window. At first I thought they might be really weird looking planes, but they were traveling at speeds far faster than any plane or anything in the sky I have seen in my life travel at, except perhaps a bird swooping very quickly downward...except these things weren’t traveling downward. They were also the wrong shape for any type of plane and glowed all over like really big, really close, really bright stars. Despite all the evidence against it, I rationalized that they could be fighter planes...until I realized seconds later that there were making no sound, at all. It was at that point that I decided to stop rationalizing what they were and just watch them, since I was obviously looking at something I probably wouldn’t see again. To my amazement, and slightly to my horror, one of the objects on the fair right of the other two moved at a crazy speed to the object on the fair left and went really close to it, almost touching and then moved away, almost like those tiny birds that move together, moving close to each other for a minute before smoothly swerving away; although, nothing like that at all, the movement was way too smooth, too fast, too big, it was more like oh I don’t know two cartoon ovals on a screensaver or something almost touching and then (usually with some weird windows ping sound moving away)they were kind of like blood cells, on the Virgin Airline TVs when people get on and off the plane, except smoother and faster in their movement, but much like the relationship of the blood cells in that movie. Anyway the three objects then proceed to begin (again much to my amazement and horror) to weave inside and outside of each other, making a pattern like weaving a plait. All the while moving amazingly fast and glowing faintly orange. It was as if they were playing with each other, I could not see more however, as the weaving pattern and their movement caused them to move out of my line of sight.

I was in shock. I stood there for quite a while going over what happened in my mind. The whole thing must have been less than a minute long; I stood by my window for much longer.

My first instinct (strangely enough, since I’m not usually like this) was to forget it ever happened, to assume that it was simply something normal than appeared abnormal from my location. My conscious mind kicked in at that point and stopped the panicky defense mechanism of repressing and rationalizing from taking hold, and I told myself as I went to bed that night that I had to ask anyone that would listen and understood my Spanish if they saw anything strange last night or if there are any weird birds in this part of the world who reflect the electric light from the cities they fly over (my rationalization that allowed me to get to sleep).

So I go into school the next day, happy that I hadn’t repressed the experience in the night, and asked my friend if she had seen anything odd last night (drawing her a crude picture). She shook her head and had no idea what to say to me, so we both asked the teacher if they were in fact any birds that reflected the electric lights of the cities they flied over.

The teacher glanced at my drawing, listened to my rationale and description and proceeded to tell me that it was probably a UFO and that not only that he’d seen several odd things shooting across the sky growing up here, but also that ¨a lot of people see them, usually in summer. We don’t know if Nasa has some testing field here or something, but they are about. Most, however, are too drunk to really give an apt description at that time of night.¨