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Occurred : 7/15/2006 14:50 (Entered as : 07/15/06 14:50)
Reported: 8/5/2006 6:11:53 PM 18:11
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Shape: Formation
Duration:20 minuts
Dots of lights appeared high in the sky over San Fernando valley in early afternoon.

On my way from my car to a restaurant, a fixed bright white light in the eastern sky(just like a star) caught my eye, I thought it was odd because the sky was very bright blue, so i pointed it out to my two friends whom i was going to lunch with.

As we were looking at it i realized that there was two more coming into view on the right of it, it was clear that they were very high up because there were some small and thin patches of clouds passing in front of them (but not obstructing them).As i turn to speak to my friends (and two other people who were passing by Since we were standing in a parking lot of a this shoping center) about how the first light was getting brighter and closer while moving to our right, looking up again, i realized to my amazment that at least 30 more appeared from the east moving in unison to the south west (they also moved in random among each other while changing colors, they were mostly luminous white but at time some will appear black or goldish orange color). While looking and pointing excitedly at the all these dots of lights, i also noticed an airplan crossing in front of these group of lights,it appeared to be high enough that one could not discern the kind of plan it was except that it was metalic.

At this point, about ten minuts past since i first notice the first light, my neck and my eyes were strained and i had to go into the restaurant (because the lunch buffet was closing at 3pm, which was in a few more minuts). After serving and placing my food on the table, i went back out and notice that the original light was still moving slowly to my right away from the group and was relatively about five times larger and brighter than the other lights. After a minute or two, it appeared to stop moving, and again i had to go back into the restaurant, figuring, that i will finish my lunch and go back to keep track at these strange light formation, but about five minuts later when i was out again, there was nothing in the sky other than the usual low flying private plans.