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Occurred : 7/12/2006 10:40 (Entered as : 07/12/06 10:40)
Reported: 8/12/2006 8:22:46 PM 20:22
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Phoenixville, PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:4 min.
Saw a small star like object traversing the sky at a high altitude north to south.

While searching the sky to try to catch a glimpse of shooting stars, I saw a bright object, that looked like any other star, traversing the sky from north to south. The object appeard to be blue - small - and very high. What attracted my attention was the fact that the object was not showing signs of a commercial craft as it was not on the normal course that commercial flights take into Philladelphia, the blue light was not pulsating but was instead constant. Also, at one point in it's progress, the object stopped and remained unmoving for a period of perhaps 8 - 10 seconds before continuing. Soon after, it could no longer be seen, I assume due to the presence of pollution in the air or indirect light sources on the ground. I would just like to know what this object was / is. I have not seen anything like this since I was a kid watching for Sputnick in the late 50's. I never watch the sky, have little interest in stars and the only reason I was watching tonight was because I heard that meteor showers could perhaps be seen.