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Occurred : 8/11/2006 21:10 (Entered as : 08/11/2006 21:10)
Reported: 8/12/2006 8:22:40 AM 08:22
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Indiana, PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:2 Hrs
Second night of UFO activity in skys over Indiana, PA. White light seen moving at quick pace

This is the second day in a row that a UFO was spotted over Indiana, PA around 9PM EST. Friday night Aug 11th 2006 we went to leave my house to go for a walk as we normally do on weekend nights. Upon leaving the house I spotted a very bright light over the east horizion. from my location appeared to be 2 inches from the horizion at about a 30 degree angle from my location and it probably was over a mile in the distance (numbers are a pure estimate, unsure of real distance, height, and angle it wsa at from my location) at first I thought it was an airplane going in for a landing at Jimmy Stewart Airport, which was very near where the object was spotted. However, the object stayed in a fixed location for 10 minutes. Upon noticing this we decided to go find out what it was. We got into my car and proceeded to drive up Highway 119 but did not take the Clymer exit which would take you to the airport. I continued to drive down 119 and saw the object again after about traveling 1 mile down 119. It appeared to be in the same location still, but not sure exactly how far it was from me. We did notice at this point the object was moving, it appeared to be traveling parallel to my car as it traveled down 119. I was headed in the direction of punxsutawney, PA. At this point we slowed down and came to a stop off the sholder of the highway and the object was moving at a quick pace then came to an abrupt stop. I figured I would get back to the airport and see if I could get closer. I turned down the first exit I could find and continued back to downtown Indiana. At this point we lost track of the object because of our location. Upon getting back on to Philadelphia St and proceeding east back towards 119 I took the clymer exit this time and headed towards the airport. When we got there we did not see anything in the sky and decided to return home to see if we could see anything there. At home there was nothing to bee seen, however I noticed an interesting vapor trail in the sky that looked like no plane one I have ever seen. It moved in a very defined line and make very quick turns in a very large S shape from what appeared to be from where we originally saw the object directly over our location and through where town is. I compared them to other vapor trails created by planes that night and compareing the rate of disipation of a known plane one to this, this trail had to of been made very quickly to maintain its definition over that large of a distance. Although a little freaked out we proceeded to go to town to do our walk. At around 9:55 PM while walking down church st facing west we noticed a very similar bright object in the sky. I stopped and watched it closely lineing it up with a power line to detect movement, and it was either riseing in the air or coming towards us relatively quickly. I pulled out my camera phone to try to take a picture and it just flicker out and was now not visible again. We continued to walk towards the Sheetz convienance store near Indiana University of Pennsylvania at this point and the object was lit up again. Once again it was moving towards us at a relatively quick pace. My girlfriend at this point was getting very scared and we decided to get into Sheetz as fast as possible. We ran towards other people who were walking in that direction to at least be near others, at this point the light just flashed out again. We spent about 8 minutes in sheetz before deciding to get back to my car and drive back home, the car was about 3/4ths a mile from where we were now. We started to walk up 6th st towards downtown Indiana and while doing this in the same location in the sky looking towards Indiana Mall the light just flashed back on again and was moving once again. We moved quickly into town which a festival was going on at the time, so there were lots of people around. At this point we lost track of the object so moved quickly to my car, which was in my work's parking lot about 1/4th a mile away Quickly got home, where the light appeared again over the hill behing my house. At this time I pointed it out to my mother, sister, her boyfriend and her friend. We watched the object for about another 10 minutes as it randomly got bright, dim and eventually disappeared. This is the second night in a row an object was in the skys. The night before (Thursday night) we had a tringular large UFO fly directly over our house at a quick pace, but slow enough to watch it for 30 seconds in detail. The objects seem to always appear in the summer around 9PM in august. It is the only similarity to all the objects I've seen in the past few years here, but they are definatly appearing more often now the ever before.