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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/29/2006 03:00 (Entered as : 05/29/06 03:00)
Reported: 6/2/2006 7:23:46 AM 07:23
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Joliet, IL
Shape: Oval
Duration:1 min 30sec
Amamolous Joliet, IL. Light

1. The Year/Month/Day/Hour/Minute of the sighting.

2006/05/29 0300hours 2. The City/County/Township the sighting occurred in.

Joliet, IL Towards the edge of the south/center of town 3. Location of sighting (where were you at the time: in the city, country, near or on a lake/ocean, wooded area, open field, in the house, in a plane, etc.)? Backyard. I had woken and decided to check our pool cover as it had rained earlier.

4. What was the weather at the time of sighting: clear, overcast, raining, snowing, foggy, etc? Scattered clouds.

5. About how far away do you estimate the object was? 3500ft.

6. What was the altitude of the object (best guess)? Was it near the ground or at a far distance above the ground? 3500ft.

7. At what angle of view was the object seen? Pointing your arm up straight above your head (would be 180-degrees), arm pointing straight out in front of you (would 90-degrees), arm pointing halfway between the two (would 45-degrees).

150-175 degrees 8. Did you see it fly overhead or was it at a distance? Almost directly overhead.

9. What direction were you looking at the at when watching the object and what direction was the object traveling? Due east.

10. Did it leave any kind of a vapor trail? No.

11. Was it stationary in the sky for any period of time and did it make any maneuvers, such as sudden right-angle turns that you knew a plane could not make? It made a series of sharp S turns, too tight for a normal aircraft and not the flight parameters of a helicopter. No sound.

12.Could you make out the shape, color and/or texture of the object? If yes to any, then please describe color, shape, and/or surface texture.

Oval 13. Did it seem to change shape and/or size, and did it appear to blink in and out of site.

It appeared to blink and reappear in the middle of the sighting, and reappear approximately 15 degrees south of initial position almost instantaneously 14. Was the object traveling slower, faster, or about the same speed, as a plane would fly? Faster for the maneuvers it was making, but not meteorite speed, just slightly too fast for convention aircraft.

15. If it was a very close sighting, did you feel any kind of a physical sensation? Not that close.

16. What do you estimate the size of the object was? If you could hold something out at arms length in front of you, what would be the size of the item you were holding to just cover the object from view: coin, orange, grapefruit, basketball, etc.? Coin 17. Did it emit any kind of energy field, which gave the appearance of a glow from the object? If yes, then what was the color of this glow and how intense was it (did the glow completely obstructed the object shape)? Slight whitish/yellowish glow with four lights slightly brighter, same color, not the typical red green used on conventional aircraft.These lights were what appeared to be top, bottom and just inside the edge on either side.

18. How many objects were there, and were they all the same shape and size? Please describe.

Just the one.

19. Did you see any smaller objects coming out of a larger object? No.

20. The shape of the object, did it have a raised center dome, antenna/s, or any protrusions that stood out? In the dark with the glow I could only make out an oval shape.

21. Could you make out any openings, such as portholes, windows, doors, vents, etc? No. Distance.

22. Were there any lights on the object: how many, what was the color of the lights, were they flashing or pulsating? As stated above, seemed a slight pulse, but no flashing or blinking.

23. Were there any lights coming from any windows, portholes, vents, etc.? Unknown, again distance.

24. Did you see any light being emitted from the object, such as beams of light? If yes, then please describe such lights in detail (color, spread of light, if it was seen hitting the ground or an object such as a car, house, animal, or something else, was there anything within the light you could make out, how far away from you was the light, anything else about such lights that you can describe?) No.

25. Was there any kind of sound coming from the object? If yes, then please describe the sound you heard.


26. Were there any electromagnetic and mechanical effects that disrupted anything such as: car engine/lights, TV/radio reception, clock/watch, cell phone, compass, etc? Describe what these effects were.

Unknown, didn’t have a cell on me, or my watch in case I had to adjust the pool cover.

27. Were you with others who also witnessed the sighting, and/or did you hear later that there were others who saw this same sighting? If yes, how many others were there? One, neighbors son was in town, their dog barked when I went to the driveway to get a better look. He came out.

28. Did anyone report the sighting and to who? Just me, now. I am also going to forward this to Peter Davenport’s database.

29. What were the ages of the witnesses? 30. What are the witnesses’ occupations? I am former military and law enforcement (later in life). I am currently disabled due to transplant surgery. He is a construction foreman from my understanding, I had only met him the previous Saturday for about 5 minutes.

31. Did any animals react to the object? What was their reaction? Their dog barked, but as I stated, that was most likely do to me going into the driveway. It stopped barking when it recognized me.

32. Did any of the witnesses experience psychological or physiological effects during or after the event, such as fear, anxiety, nose breeds, burns, headache, rash, etc (please describe as much as you can)? If yes, were you treated by a doctor for such symptoms and what was the physicians’ findings? None known.

33. How long did the sighting last? About a minute and a half from my best estimate.

34. When you witnessed the object was it in the air the whole time, or was it on the ground? In the air the entire time, making a series of S-turns and a few north to south zigzag motions. I gauged the motions by first using a large tree, it wasn’t windy, however when I moved positions I gauged the movement against the side of the house which I knew wind would not affect.

35. If on the ground, did any occupants come out of the object? Not on ground, no occupants.

36. If yes to the above question, then please described the occupants: size, skin color/type, eyes shape and color, what they were wearing, how many were there, what were they doing, did they see you, how did they react to you, was there any kind of communication between them or you and them, how long did they stay? N/A.

37. After the sighting, did you feel any sense of missing time? If yes, then what amount of time can you not account for? None.

38. Were you able to get any photographic pictures or video of the sighting and would you like to post your images on our site? If no photographic pictures, then could you provide a sketch/s of the object/s? No photos, yes I could sketch.

39. After witnessing the sighting, what is your impression to what you think it might have been? I know it was not a conventional aircraft. My father was in the Air Force and worked on the Gemini and Apollo programs in flight simulators. He was also later in life on the helicopter unit of a sheriff’s department. I was in the Army and was also taught to recognize aircraft and lived close to Nellis AFB for a few years. I am used to seeing strange aircraft maneuvers. This was a new one. Definitely unconventional maneuvers.