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Occurred : 5/7/2006 16:25 (Entered as : 05/07/06 16:25)
Reported: 5/20/2006 11:29:16 PM 23:29
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Old Forge, PA
Shape: Formation
Duration:30 mins.
UFO Formation over NE Pennsylvania

Received a call from a friend/neighbor who had returned home (About1 1/2 miles NE of me) after visiting the location where I was, a mutual friend, same town. He asked excitedly if I remembered the video of the Mexico City sightings on tv? (A UFO surrounded by numerous white lights in a formation in the sky)

Yes was my answer, then he stated he was looking at that type of sighting from his home. He described a craft with about 40 white lights in formation and gave me a local landmark for a reference point so i could confirm what he was seeing.

I ran outside only to find a large tree was blocking the location of the sky this formation was observed. However, I continued to talk by phone, getting updates about the sighting.

Within 5 minutes, I too noticed a bright white object about 30 degrees above the horizon just seemingly hanging in the sky to the east of my location, I confirmed with the original witness where I saw the object and concluded that we were viewing the same craft, (Except I could not see the dozens of starlike objects) very slowly drifting ESE.

Please note, that the sky condition at the beginning of this sighting was a high thin overcast with numerous breaks and as the observation continued to its conclusion, from west to east, a more solid condition developed.

I was so excited I forgot for about 10 minutes that I had a pair of binoculars in my car, so I ran for them hoping for a better look. With them, I now could see dozens of white starlike objects moving independently but in formation around the craft.

At this point I just wanted to concentrate on watching this and terminated the phone conversation. As I focused on the 1 main craft, the largest object, I could see it was a saucer shaped white object, rotating, that seemed to change shape streching vertically with odd shaped structures on it. It seemed to dart around at times, forcing me to search for it, eventually turning to the west and started to track towards me.

Most of the time it just appeared to hang in mid air rotating, but as it eventually moved closer I had better resolution on it, noting that the bottom seemed to have a yellowish glow.

Also, several times I saw air carrier jet aircraft tracking N-S or NW-SE in the area above 10,000 ft. wondering can they see what I see? I was so awed by this craft, appearing to change shape as it rotated, banking and wobbling at times. At one point only, I saw what appeared to be brilliant crystal like lights on the parimeter of the craft.

The craft eventually moved to a point about 60 to 70 degrees above the horizon when I lost sight of it in the overcast.

When I returned home, I made notes, checked for the 4 and 5 PM METAR weather at the local airport, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Int'l. (KAVP), both report were, no clouds below 12,000 ft., also the winds aloft for the area, noting that at all altitudes a west (260degrees)wind was blowing.

I was an Air Traffic Control Specialist for over 16 yrs.and hold a private pilot certificate with instrument rating. I know what all types of aircraft, civil and military look like and this was not an aircraft.

Contact information for the original witness will be furnished on request.