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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/12/2006 15:57 (Entered as : 05/12/06 15:57)
Reported: 5/12/2006 10:16:20 PM 22:16
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Pearland, TX
Shape: Circle
Duration:8-10 seconds
Fast-moving, circular, white object observed for 8-10 seconds--day time sighting

On the above time, date & location, I observed a very small, white, circular craft almost directly above me--looking straight up in the sky. This object was traveling almost directly north with about a 10-30 degree westerly direction, (using a 360 degree compass). The object traveled two (2) times faster than a satellite; possibly three (3) times faster than a satellite. This craft traveled in a straight line for 8-10 seconds & then faded out. I did not hear any sound at all from this craft. It is extremely difficult for me to determine the altitude of this object, which as I think about it, is truly another odd characteristic of this craft. (I will explain this comment further in the text).

The sky was 100% cloudless, very clear, and a beautiful day that everyone was commenting about. The temperature was about 78 degrees with calm winds & moderate to low humidity. I was getting my car washed, and was walking my dog and looking up at the sky when I observed this craft. (I had a video camera in the trunk of my car, but this object was moving so quickly, there was absolutely no time to go back for it).

Holding my hand straight out, my thumb would easily cover this craft. The best description on size I could think of was that this craft was about the same size as a very high flying plane that you can just make out on an extremely clear day, maybe a plane at 30,000-40,000 feet or so. In other words, a plane that you CAN completely make out, but is absolutely tiny as seen with the naked eye because its altitude is so high.

With this said, it should be understood that I have been a plane fanatic since I was small child. It should also be understood I enjoy looking for and watching night time satellites & have easily seen 100 in my life. (Out in the country on one night, I observed eight satellites in a 2-3 hour time period, I know what satellites look like). I have grown up close to a major civilian airport, and also around a military airport. I can easily estimate the altitude of just about any plane or helicopter with relative accuracy. But with this object, I am having a real problem with even attempting to guess its altitude to an almost frustrating degree. I do not understand this. My best guess is that this object was at an altitude of 10,000 to 40,000 feet. I am leaning toward roughly 30,000 feet. I will say that I do not believe it was any lower than approximately 10,000 feet.

I have no idea how large this circular craft was. However, this craft looked remarkably similar to the craft seen in the videos that are repeatedly taped in Mexico. I am speaking of the dozens of white (apparently circular) craft that fly together usually in formation, sometimes in, "swarms." The craft I saw looked like one of these craft, but at an apparently higher altitude and moving much faster than most of the videos I have seen of similar craft.

I will say that this thing was really moving; it had to be going at least 4,000 mph or much faster depending on its altitude. No sonic boom, no sound at all.

I should add that I was wearing sunglasses. The brand name of these sunglasses is, "Costa Del Mar." I paid about $140 dollars for these about seven years ago. What distinguishes these sunglasses from the corner store sunglasses is the coating. Without getting technical, these sunglasses make objects extremely vivid & clear as compared to any other sunglasses I have ever owned or come across. (These sunglasses are actually fisherman’s sunglasses, although I do not fish). When I first purchased them, I was amazed how vivid & clear birds & planes appeared. My point is that, with the exceptionally clear weather, together with my 20/20 vision, and the added clarity of these sunglasses, I was able to determine this craft’s shape.

This object was not glowing white, no lights, no pulsing. It was simply a clear, vivid white.

Besides my inability to determine the objects altitude & size, another odd characteristic was its movement. I would not describe it as flying, but as gliding. This is simply my perspective.

I do not believe this was a daytime satellite. The reason I do not believe this was a satellite was that I could make out this craft’s shape which was, although tiny, clearly round. A second reason I do not believe this was a satellite was because this thing was moving faster than any object I have ever seen in my life; two to three times faster than any satellite. With that said, and to be completely objective, I do not recall observing a day time satellite--only early morning or late evening satellites. So if it was a day time satellite, why was it clearly round, and why was it moving so fast? I am in my mid thirties, and have never seen a UFO in my life. And it is not for lack of trying; I am constantly sky watching.

I have no idea what this object may have been except a UFO.


Dear ((name and title deleted)),

Thank you very much for the excellent report! You seem to us to be an excellent witness, and you compose prose unusually well, which is something we observe here only rarely.

Did the object generate a contrail, please? Also, was its shape similar to any type of aircraft that you can imagine? For example, if it had wings, were they swept back, or similar to a delta-winged aircraft, perhaps.

Also, do you have any idea why the object faded from view? It seems unusual that the object disappeared from view, given that you sighted it during daytime.

Thanks, again, for sharing the information with our Center, and for taking the time to compose such a nice report. We will be posting newly received reports tomorrow, and yours will be among them.

By the way, we just received two reports tonight, one from Texas, and one from Sacramento. The TX sighting may have been of a satellite, but the CA sighting was of a totally dark, motionless, triangular craft, that reportedly was seen hovering above a busy intersection in Sacramento. Many cars stopped, so that the occupants could get a better look at it.


Peter Davenport, Director
National UFO Reporting Center
Seattle, WA
Hotline: (206) 722-3000 (8:00 a.m. to midnight)



Thank you, I have a ((deleted--degree)) in ((deleted--writing)) although my regard for the media is abhorrent at best.

No, absolutely no contrail whatsoever. (And there were no contrails in the sky that I noticed as well).

Its shape was not similar to any aircraft I have ever seen including the alleged Aurora. I have been to a few air shows, and pride myself on distinguishing most military aircraft & have done so since I was in 7th grade.

No wings, no swept back wings like the F-14. Not delta-winged. This object was clearly circular in shape.

Yes, I failed to answer this in my report & knew while I was writing it that this was not clearly stated. I do not know why it faded from my view. Perhaps this object was much higher than 40,000 feet. In layman’s terms, if 12 O’clock is straight up, I observed this object at about 12:30 and, "lost" it at about roughly 2 O’clock.

It was moving. Possibly it was in the atmosphere. I just cannot answer this. I will say that this object, this craft, was indeed difficult to see & perhaps I just lost sight of it. My best guess, and this is a guess, is that it was at 30,000 to 40,000 feet, a tiny 30 foot disc, and I just lost sight of it.

You are welcome. Thank you for all you have done.

By the way, we just received two reports tonight, one from Texas, and one from Sacramento. The TX sighting may have been of a satellite, but the CA sighting was of a totally dark, motionless, triangular craft, that reportedly was seen hovering above a busy intersection in Sacramento.
Many cars stopped, so that the occupants could get a better look at it.

Ok, at about 10 pm to 10:15 pm, I was walking my dog & listening to my ((deleted)) on my cell phone. I looked up at the stars as I always do. I noticed what appeared to be a bright star. It caught my eye for just a second or two, I believe because it may have been moving, I am not sure, and I looked back down. (Just a normal bright star). I looked up maybe five seconds later and this, "star," was gone and that really caught my attention. So I carefully watched the sky roughly where this, "star," had been, and then noticed a typical looking satellite, a satellite that has, "dimmed," after not being lit up by the sun, but is clearly visible. (It was traveling north). I only saw this apparent satellite after it had, "dimmed," for a couple of seconds before it clearly disappeared from my view. This "dimmed" satellite moved at the speed as per normal for all satellites I have observed. As I was still looking up at the sky, I then noticed a very dimly lit V-shaped formation of maybe 8 to 10, "birds" (?) moving north/north-east. If these were birds, they kept one hell of a tight formation. I lost these, "birds" within a few seconds.

I have NEVER seen anything that I considered could possibly be a UFO until I submitted my report. I was literally typing the report when my ((deleted)) called & ((deleted)) So I walked my dog. The first object was probably a satellite, the second object very possible birds. But the second object was simply odd because this formation was so tight and literally kept perfect formation. It truly looked like the typical V-shaped formation that has so often been seen. This was so weird that I could not bring myself to submit a second report--in the middle of my first UFO sighting/report of my life; I walk outside and see this. But after the two sightings you mentioned I felt I should at least mention this. Again, this is so odd, that I never would have mentioned this had you not mentioned these sightings. Please understand this information is absolutely true, absolutely sincere, and not a joke in any form. I do not know what else to say.

((name deleted))