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Occurred : 5/10/2006 01:00 (Entered as : 05/10/06 1:00)
Reported: 5/10/2006 8:11:01 AM 08:11
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Moscow, ID
Shape: Triangle
Duration:4 hours
I was otside studying for a final and was looking up when what was a light at first darted and then instantly came to a stop.

At first i was laying on the hood of my roomates car cooling off and studying for a final. looking at the paper while lying on my back on the hood, what seemed to be the brightest star in the sky just moved. i was on the phone with someone and i said, "O, my god... i swer that is a ufo. i'll call you right back." i tried to get someone from my roomate and my girlfriend to come out but they just got pissed and complained about getting up early for finals. i called my best friend who said, " whatever, i believe you, now stop calling and let me go back to sleep." i called the neighbor who looked out the window and said the couldn't see anything. well i explained that it was almost directly over the house. about that time her baby woke up and she was fed up with that idea. at this time i was going nuts. i thought i was loosing it. i was brought up in the lds religion and i have never believed in ufo's of any kind... untill i saw what i did. i went to a friends house a few doors down and nucked and rung the door bell. her roomate came down and i could barely get the words out. it was baffling... i couldn't even begin to tell her what i was seeing. so she came out and i pointed it out to her. she saw the light, said she saw it move a little, then claimed it was a satalite. i had to tell her what i saw. the thing moved at incredible speeds and didn't slow to a stop, bot instantly came to a stop. then she asked if i had smoked anything. i realized this was going nowhere. i let her go and tried to figure out what to do. i tried calling my best friend again to see if i could barrow his camera because all i had was my cell phone and the video quality isn't the best. he got mad again so i flipped. i need someone to believe me and see what i am seeing. i recorded almost 3 minutes of this light on my cell phone which was barely visible, but it is still there. at this time i saw two more lights moving with every motion that the first light was. it was definately a triangle. i thought to call 911 and maybee get an officer out to my house to file a report or something. as you could guess... bad idea. the wierd thing was, i tried to dial 911, it failed? kinda wierd. so i tried to dial my neighbor again and then my best friend, and on top of it tried to send a text message to the person i was on the phone with to begin with. i couldn't dial out. i just got this phone this week. so i run in and grab my old cell phone which still worked. i dialed 911 and requested an officer to my house. i had to call back again 10 minutes later to see if he was coming. another five minutes passed and he showed up. once again i could barely explain myself. i paointed at it as it was moving and he wouldn't stop staring at me. then he turned on the flashlight to my face and asked if i had consumed any lsd or if i was under the influence of anything. at the time i wasn't (lucky me). so he starred at it and couldn't tell if it was him moving from standing there looking almost straight up or if it was the light. the next words out of his mouth was, "wow. i saw a shooting star... hey, another one. that's kinda odd." i looked at him like; you've got to be kidding me. where the few shooting stars came from was exactly where i pointed to the ship. i tried to say, they came from the ship in three different directions. officer, you have to believe me. i swear i am not crazy. odly i said that line a whole lot throughout the night. he got a call and said he had to go. he tried to saw it was probably some airforce testing. i could tell that he was in denial of what he had just seen. said he had some where to be and left. at this time it was around 2:30 am. where does a sheriff have to be at that time, and why was he so jumpy. none the less i was still going crazy. no one honestly believed me. i laid back on the hood watching the bright light almost twinkle to a red, then a green, then a blue, and then back. all of a sudden i got this terrifying feeling throughout my body. for some reason i was frightened. it takes a lot to scare me, but when i was thinking why am i scared, because physically i wasn't but i had one bad feeling, i snapped to realizing that i was shaking and already starting to run towards my door. i had to go somewhere. i drive into city limits around 4:45 am. there was a hince of light coming up over the palouse so i hurried into town. the first place that i saw was conoco. thankfully it was twenty four hours and i saw two employees inside. the lady at the door mopping looked at me funny... probably the expression on my face. i was hoping for someone that recognized me from shopping in there all of the time so they wouldn't be freaked out and would actually give me the time of day. behind the counter in the back room was a newer employee that i had only seen once or twice before, but the person who had trained him the first night i saw him was a good aquantance and told him that i was a cool person and was in there all the time. of all people, the only person that would recognize me and was around my age was him. i tried to explain but nothing came out. just come outside quick, and if you can think of anyone with a camcorder, call them. he comes out of the store throwing on his jacket and i point to the sky. he was like, what? so i pulled him out of the front of the store to the side where there was less light and i stood close to him and pointed. i didn't even have to say it, he said, " wow, that bright light right there isn't it." he knew what i was talking about. he didn't know what i meant but looked right where i was. i told him now watch. give it around thirty seconds. i saw it randomly jolt to different sides and suddenly stop. every time i was all, you saw that right? he really couldnt tell if it was him moving from standing up or if it was his eyes grabbing focal points or what. so i laid on one of the tables and told him, "please, give me two minutes of your time and just lay on that other bench at stare at it." he was supprisingly willing. once again i had to state, i swear i am not crazy. after about fifteen seconds of this thing moving around and me asking if he saw it... he took a wierd gasp of air. the next thing i hear is, " o my god... you arn't kidding are you." finally. i pointed out that there was dimmer lights on the other two points. he struggled but adjusted and saw them. as we bothe watched it move and come to frantic instant stops i notince you couldn't see stars behind it. i followed the direction from the bright light on the front to the dimmer lights that formed the triangle and there was still blackness with no stars continuing down the ray that the lead light and the dim light formed. together we both counted between 4 and 5 lights down each side. we watched it move and saw by the way the lights moved together that the tip (wich i designated to the bright lead light) was wobbling not only side to side, but corresponding with the other lights, up and down also. it looked like the lead star would randomly point down, then left, then right... by now i realized that this wasn't just the bright light that i saw before. this was an outline of some sort of craft that seemed like it was struggling to hover in one place. by focusing on the outline of the craft and not on the lights themselves, i understood that it wasn't just darting and stopping, it was turing from side to side, from front to back trying to counter the way it would randomly move. i had to pull out my phone. the second phone that i grabbed would dial out, but i hit the capture video button and the screen showed a brief flashing triangle and went to static. as i am typing this, the video or the camera will no longer work on my old phone. so one could dial out, and one could capture video. i grabbed my new phone out of the car wich couldn't dial, but we stood there and captured 43 seconds of the triangle moving around randomly flashing lights. once again, bad quality, but we could make it out when we watched in the dark. i tried watching the few videos again a little while ago, but with sunlight up now, and no dark rooms in my house i figured i'd look at it later tonight to show anybody and everybody who will give me the time of day. with this mind boggling site over head we both laid back and watched the evasive movements. out of the corner of my eye, the was quick movement. there where random 'shooting stars' in the sky every couple minutes. and then none. as the sun started to come up to the point that you couldn't see stars, we saw that there was only a handful of lights in the sky. the one we were watching, and now, other movements just like the one before. we tried to count how many actual clusters of lights there where instead of trying to make out all of the individual lights. it was amazing. he ran into the store to grab a coat and i waited at the door, then looked at the lady who was mopping when i walked in and told her she had to see this. we all walked outside and looked up to a hazy dark gray sky with random stars in the middle of nowhere with comparison to the other stars. i looked to the east and saw the light blue peaking out from the rolling hills of the palouse. "does anyone have a good video camere?!" no body will ever believe us. we all laid watching the sky, with evasive manuvers from many different areas. i saw a wierd formation with all of these. for a couple seconds it seemed like all of those lights were one huge ship. with the way they moved so scattered across the sky covering almost half the distance from horizon to horizon, i couldn't focus on them all at once because there was no longer an outline formed by the stars behind it. i quickly dropped that idea when i saw the light furthest to the east move sharply towards the sunrise and stop where i could barely see it against the lighter sky. it was wierd, there was no shape, there was no outline, just the lights that formed the triangle with the blue sky showing through as if it was only a few lights hovering there. it sat still, darted a couple times, sat still again, and we looked away to see the other ones. when we looked back we couldn't find it again. now we all laid there and saw now less than 3 different triangular star cluster moving independantly. there were random lights moving around behind these three wich were obviosly the closer ones, but we could't make out triangles. just that main light that seemed to lead it. we looked to the west to see if there were more, and against the western sky, wich was still dark as night, was a twinkling red light. it went back and forth from red and yellow and white but mainly stayed a reddish twinkling color. at first we just though it was a star, or maybe one of the nearby planets that reflects a red twinkle. and it moved! we watched that one now because the color on it was easy to spot and the contrast of the red on the black made it easy to depict motion. it was very far away though and it was barely above the horizon, so we decided to lay back down on the benches. as it got lighter, customers would come for gas or for the convienance store and on thier way out, i couldn't help it, but i got their attention and pointed to the sky which seems to come out a lot better than my words. some people would walk over tawards me and ask what about the stars. as it got lighter, these were the only stars in the sky. i told many people who were curious to just watch for at least 30 seconds, that's all i ask. a couple would say they really had to get going, but a couple of them stood there with me, watching. costumers would leave and come and a couple would be interested but not believe or whatever they were thinking, but me and the conoco employee stayed out on those benches slowly watching the clusters dissapear into the daylight untill the only one left in the sky was the first one that we had seen. it was geeting light comming up on 5:30-6:00 in the morning and with clear skies, there was an odd haze, or fog, or maybee a random cloud cluster. slowly the stars forming it's shape vanished in the light, and the last light wich was the first that we saw blended in the the daylight. it was one long night. there are a handfull of us who can't deny what we saw, and a couple breif video clips on my phone to prove it. i hope that in the next couple days i find of other people who saw this. i'll tell you what, i know exactly where i will be tonight between 1 and 6. out on the hood of the car, hoping i see them again.