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Occurred : 5/4/2006 16:00 (Entered as : 05/04/06 16:00)
Reported: 5/6/2006 9:23:38 PM 21:23
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Glendale, AZ
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2 min
Bright metallic sphere that I can't explain.

When I went to get tools out of my truck at a house I was doing landscaping at I noticed a round very shiny ball in the sky that was moving up at first then started a steady path up and to the east.

At first it reminded me of one of those gas balloons that are shiney silver, but this was perfectly round and not moving as a floating object would. It was also bigger in size, but it was hard to tell exactly how big it really was or the exact distance away because of how it reflected the light.

There was no noticable sound coming from it or any means of propulsion. I just stood and watched it for a little while and then walked back to the backyard of the house I was working at and pointed it out to a guy I work with. He acknowledged seeing it and asked me what it was, I told him I didn't know and we both just watched it continue on the same course for a couple of minutes until it was out of sight. Because it took so long to get out of sight, I think it was bigger than what I initially thought.

Initially I thought it was very close and about the size of a basketball. I was a Crew Chief in the Airforce and have seen many different types of aircraft. I also have a pretty good knowledge of physics and the principles that would be involved to move an object like that, and admit that it had to be something that I can't explain.