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Occurred : 5/3/2006 21:00 (Entered as : 5'3'06 21:00)
Reported: 5/4/2006 3:17:17 PM 15:17
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Hollywood, FL
Shape: Triangle
We saw a triangular shaped object, that was very far in space. It appeared to have blinking lights in an oval shape to one end.

My wife saw it first, then she came and got me out of bed and said that she saw a u.f.o so I thought she was joking. But when I went out side I saw something to the East of my house it appeared to be in space the object was a littel faint to make a clear description.It was clearly somthing so I studied it for a minute and saw a strobe like light shoot away from it many times toward the NW.IN the back ground were stars. The object was still at first, then it moved using the stars as a focal point it moved very fast to another point in space. Freaked out I went to the neighbors' house to get someone else to conform what we saw. He saw the same thing. While we were watching it, it stopped moving for about 10 minutes. Then it moved again in a different direction. My neighbor freaked too and went to his neighbor to show him. He and his wife came out, saw it too. They said at first, that it was a sattelite. Then to their suprise it stopped moving and stayed there for about 5 minutes, then moved again in another direction. Every time it stopped we saw the light strobes coming out of it. Then we were standing by the street and a teen boy walked by and we asked him to look and he saw it with the lights coming out of it and said he never saw anything like that. We all laughed and said, "us too". Then, for more confirmation, I went to another nieghbors house also, to see if they had a telescope to investigate further. They did not, but they saw it too with the lights coming out and away from it but it was stationary at the time. They made some jokes about me smoking somthing, but a few minutes later it started to move again in the opposite direction. It moved, then they weren't joking anymore. They were freaking out too. We stayed out and watched it for about another hour then it started to move again. This time it headed to the south and in a few seconds it went out of our view and we all looked at each other in disbelief of what we had witnessed. We talked a litte while longer, and went in for the night.