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Occurred : 4/24/2006 19:32 (Entered as : 06/24/06 19:32)
Reported: 4/25/2006 8:44:41 AM 08:44
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Terrace (Canada), BC
Shape: Light
Duration:5 seconds
Bright lights looked like flares going horizontal, out of no where, then disappeared

We were sitting at the skating rink looking out over the town.

I happened to look out the side window and seen bright lights like Flares. I said "Look" and pointed over the building.

and my wife seen them also. got out of the truck and they disapeared.

They were 2 Bright lights like flares or shooting stars, going Horizontal.

for about 5 seconds *------ about twice as high as the building.

Never seen anything like this before in my life!


Sorry it was April 24, 2006