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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/19/2005 18:30 (Entered as : 1-19-05 18:30)
Reported: 4/20/2006 11:12:15 AM 11:12
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2 hours
These are accounts of several personal UFO and 'other' experiences.

1) The January 2005 UFO sighting, Jacksonville, Florida: Shortly after dusk on the evening of January 19, 2005, I was closing the curtains in the band room of my West Jacksonville home. While doing so, I noticed a very bright light in the sky, larger than a star, which was changing colors, hovering and moving slightly up and down, which was located in the ESE sky.

I called for my live in boyfriend to observe as well, in which he did. We watched the object for a good ten to fifteen minutes, as it appeared to hover, and make only slight movement in the sky, mostly in an up and down motion, but sometimes slightly back and forth. The object appeared to grow brighter and dimmer at times, but did not seem to be 'traveling,' like a plane.

In the center of this object, stretching horizontally across the object, the lights emanating from the object changed colors frequently, and one could clearly distinguish that this was not a star or planet.

My boyfriend and myself both noted that this was not a star or planet from it's slight movements, and the line of lights which changed colors, and noted that it was not like any aircraft which we normally see from where we live, because of it's movements, and sometimes the lack thereof. We heard no noise from this object.

I began cooking supper, but occasionally checked back on the object, which was there several times when I checked on it, but eventually disappeared.

One interesting note, in another account of the January sighting, the person witnessed the UFO on the 15th, we witnessed it on the 19th, however, the witness was on HWY 301, which is not far from our house. We live on Cahoon Rd, off Normandy Blvd, which runs into, and ends at HWY 301.

Normandy Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32205 This incident can be verified by my current boyfriend of 4 years. I did notice several conventional style aircraft flying in the same area that night which may be able to substantiate this story further.


2) The electrical assault incidence: This may sound very strange, but on my word of honor, this is the truth, and did in fact happen.

In 2003 or 2004, my memory escapes me as to which year exactly in which this occurred but, one afternoon I was washing dishes at the same address as the above incidence, and I was alone in my house, as my live in boyfriend was at work. I became aware of a strange frequency which I could hear which seemed especially 'targeted' at my right ear. This frequency was a lower pitch than the frequencies I normally pick up on from time to time, and seemed strange that it seemed 'targeted' at the right ear, instead of being heard by both of them. What was also strange was this frequency was also felt as well as heard. As I experienced this frequency, I also experienced a strange sensation in my head, almost like a slight stun to my brain. Though I found this to be quite odd, it did not become unpleasant until a few seconds later when from this frequency I suddenly experienced what felt like an electric shock to the upper right side of my head, which felt like I was being zapped by a stun gun! This immediately brought me to my knees! After about a minute, I returned to my feet, (quite startled, scared and somewhat pissed off), only for this to happen once again! Immediately after somewhat regaining my composure, I grabbed a pistol and searched the house for an intruder and a possible explanation, but I discovered that I was indeed alone in the house, with the doors locked. I had never before experienced anything like this, nor have I since, however I am now quite frightened when I hear frequencies.

I debated with myself the idea of calling up the military to see if they were doing some kind of military weapons testing using frequencies, but declined to do so, as it dawned on me that they probably would not tell me the truth, and them knowing I would sue them for testing on me, I figured that it probably might not be a good idea, as they could (and would), probably kill me by zapping me, if they chose to, rather than being sued, if this occurrence was a result of military testing. I also pondered that this may be UFO related, as I have had 'other' strange occurrences happen in my lifetime, which I suspect could be UFO related.

I have no answers or explanation as to who is responsible, or why this incidence happened, but would truly would like the answer to this. Have you ever come across any instances like this in your research? If so, would you please share them with me? Any input on this is greatly appreciated! .....................................................................................

3) Time loss incidence #2: In early spring of 1997, I was traveling from Louisville KY, on my way home to Jacksonville, (I lived on the Northside of Jacksonville at this time, but was spending time with my boyfriend at the time, who was a mechanical engineer working in Louisville, while my best friend stayed at my house, held down the fort and cared for my dogs. One of my dogs was in the pound, and I went home to rescue my dog.) I had stopped at the Pio-Ono (GA) exit on 1-75 late at night, to get gas and coffee, before leaving the parking lot, I put in a fresh 90 minute cassette tape, of some recorded music, (45 minutes per side), which had CCR on one side and Aretha Franklin on the other. The tape was rewound before I left the parking lot, as I used 90 minute cassette tapes to help 'time' the trip.

I got back on I-75 headed south, (I was quite sure of this), and was on my way down the road. In what seemed like just a few minutes back on the road, I went to take a sip of my coffee, and it was cold, at this point I knew something was weird, as I had just bought the coffee moments before, and it was quite hot at the time, and I take creamer in my coffee, and powdered creamer does NOT dissolve in less than hot liquid, yet the creamer in my coffee was perfectly dissolved. I then became suddenly aware that the tape I was listening to was well into the other (Aretha) side, and I had not changed it! I kept going on my journey to spite the strange occurrence, pondering an explanation. A few moments later, I discovered that I was not traveling South as I was sure that I was, but was headed North instead. (I was starting to weird out at this point).

I got off the next exit, and turned around, and started heading South again. It took me about 20 minutes to reach the Pio-Ono exit once again, and it was at this point, that I understood that I had experienced another time loss episode. I later told my best friend, and boyfriend (at the time), about the incident, which you can contact both of them concerning this.


1996 UFO sighting, Jacksonville FL: One evening while sitting home enjoying an evening alone, (no boyfriend in this incidence LOL, and this event took place at my Northside Jacksonville residence, the same one as the incidence above), I was lounging on the couch, listening to music, and I happened to look out the window at the night sky, and noticed an object fitting the exact same description of the UFO in the #1 sighting in the sky. I observed it just hovering there, moving slightly up and down and sometimes back and forth growing sometimes dimmer, sometimes brighter, and changing colors. I realized it had to be a UFO.

I watched this object for a good half an hour, when my roomate/friend came home, and I told him about the object. He checked it out, agreed that it was probably a UFO, and after a while, he went to his room, where I did not see him for the rest of the night.

I watched the object for a while longer, and suddenly it just disappeared like a light being turned off! This can be verified by my ex-roomate.


Time loss incident #1, Jacksonville, FL, 1994: About 10:45 PM, I went to the convenience store to fetch a soda and a pack of cigarettes before the store closed at 11. I lived on Deerfield Lane in the sticks off of Starrat Road in North Jacksonville. This was the only store for about 5 miles, and wanted to get there before the store closed. This store was only about one half mile away from my home, so the entire trip usually only took 15 minutes tops, even if I stopped to chat with someone, or their was a line, etc. It was the norm for me to put off making the trip until the last minute, because at the time I was writing a book, and was very much caught up in the process of doing so.

When I left, my boyfriend Brian, was sitting in the recliner watching TV. This too was the norm, as he would retire for the evening customarily after I made my evening run to the store.

I went to the store, got my RC and smokes, and headed back home as usual. When I returned home, the lights in the house were dimmed, and the TV was off. I thought this very strange. I started feeling quite spooked for some strange reason, which is NOT the norm for me. I walked in the door, and there was a very pissed off Brian waiting for me interrogating me as to where I had been! Of course, I thought he had lost his mind, as I had just been to the store and back as usual.

I asked Brian if he had lost his mind, and explained/protested that I had just been to the store and back as usual. This infuriated him, as he said that I had not been just to the store, that the store has been closed for hours, he began ranting and raving about how he went up there looking for me, I was nowhere to be found, how he called my best friend, blah, blah, blah, and pointed at the clock and said it doesn't take 3 hours to go a half a mile to the store, blah, blah, blah, and proceeded to have a conniption! I looked at the clock and it was after 2 AM! I then thought that he had lost his mind, AND was picking a fight with me, that he had moved the hands on the clock.

He then tells me to call my best friend Brenda, and let her know I got home safely. I did.

I found out then that Brian had not moved the hands on the clock, that in fact I had a strange and unexplainable time loss eppisode. (I'm still not convinced that Brian had not lost his mind though, from the conniption he threw. I then nick named Brian, "Flyin' Brian". LOL.) Brenda had been very worried about me, as was Brian.

I could not explain what had happened during that time, but after that, everytime I had to travel down that stretch of road between the convenience store and home, I was terrified, though I could not offer any logical explanation as to why! Shortly after that, I began having "nightmares" in which I could swear I was awake, and these things were happening to me. I would pinch and even slap myself to make sure I was not dreaming but....

I would 'dream' that I would be awakened by a presence in the room. I would get up, look around and sometimes there would be typical greys, sometimes no 'seen' being was there, but a presence was felt none the less.

I would try to wake up (Flyin') Brian, but never could wake him up when this happened.

In this dream, I would wake up, and get up and look out the bedroom window into the field out back which was covered in blackberry briars, and sandy Florida soil, with dips in it, where it was not exactly driveable, and see lights like 8 or ten vehicles lined up outside, complete with dust and sand flying up, in this field. I could swear that I was awake, but apparently this was a dream, because the next day when I would inspect the field where the lights were, no vehicle tracks were apparent, nor were the blackberry thickets matted down. This was a fairly regular occurrence. And like I said, the field was not exactly drivable.

Brian and I broke up not long after that, and to this day, I refuse to go down that stretch of road.

This incidence can be verified by my ex-boyfriend Brian, and ex-best friend Brenda as well.


Fall 1986, UFO sighting, New Bern, NC: One evening in the Fall of 1986, I went country cruising with a friend and coworker and we decided to take a break from riding, and parked in the Croatan State Park just East of New Bern, NC, and not far from Cherry Point Marine base. Yes, we had parked to smoke a joint, as hey, we were in our mid-twenties at the time, and to just talk. (I am now in my mid-fourties, and no longer smoke weed.) As we were sitting in my friend's truck smoking the tater and chatting, we noticed an object, that again matches the description and maneuvers of the other UFO's in the above instances.

Both of us, having lived in the area for quite some time were quite aware of the aircraft, military and otherwise, which flew regularly over the area. This was NOT the normal aircraft which we were accustomed to seeing, and no, the pot was not especially spectacular either.

The next day, there were articles in the paper about a rash of UFO sightings seen across the US and the world.

This can be substanciated by my friend.

About 6 months, maybe less before this incidence, my mother told me in the strictest of confidence, and after much prying as to what was bothering her, that she was hearing 'signals' one night, kind of like when one hears frequencies, only in something like Morse Code.

My mother lived directly across the street from me, and I did not hear them. My mother never drank or smoked a tater in her life, didn't take so much as an aspirin, and was a very honest, Christian woman.


Fall of 1978 UFO sighting, Hendersonville, NC: About 2 weeks before I was to be married, my mother and I were sitting up discussing "if I was sure I really wanted to get married or not" mother and daughter speech. It was a pleasant night, and we were sitting on the couch with the lights off, and the windows open to her 2nd floor apartment.

Mom alerted me to check out the object in the sky. The object, again matching the same characteristics and maneuvers as the ones in the accounts stated above, only with the slight difference, that there was one large one, and three other smaller vessels which moved about in the sky around the larger one. They would move in directions that clearly differentiated them from any aircraft we had ever encountered or knew of, and would change colors in tandem with the larger craft.

Sometimes these vessels would hover in a triangular pattern around the main vessel, and at times zig-zagged about, or go straight up and down. We watched these crafts for about 25 minutes, until all of a sudden they took off at tremendous speeds. We knew from the speed they were traveling, that these had to be UFO's.

Unfortunately, my mother is no longer with us to substantiate this story, she died in early 1987 of a rare disease, sideroblastic anemia. My ex-husband however, can substantiate that Mom and I told him about the incident.