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Occurred : 6/15/1968 18:00 (Entered as : 1968 18:00)
Reported: 4/17/2006 10:43:37 PM 22:43
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Livingston, NJ
Shape: Disk
Duration:time stopped
Livingston NJ UFO sighting, Time stopped!

I was eight years old when this event occurred, I was sitting with my baby sister in a pontiac convertible while my brother was sitting in the front seat with my Mother. We all had mixed emotions. My Mom was frightened, I wished to leave the car, and she kept screaming for me not too! She recently died.

Until now I was not allowed by my family to discuss the event. We held it in our family. My brother has zero problems talking about this, nor my sister but my Mom was frightened to a point where she tried to speed away in our car, however time stopped, we could not move! It was really fascinating I thought? I knew all about UFO encounters as my father was in the Korean war and the US Air Force.

This occurred while we were heading home from my grandmothers home in Short Hills, NJ on Old Short Hills Road prior to reaching Walnut Street in Livingston. I remember the UFO was hovering near the property that had a hidden resevoir behind it, and alot of power lines. I lived on the East Orange Resevoir in Livingston NJ and knew that some people thought UFO's where seen near water, so I was use to going and playing and ice skating on the resevoir and had zero fear, however my Mother would not allow the door to open and the car only had two front doors, and she remained fixed behind the wheel of the Pontiac convertible. I asked her years later why this scared her and she refused to speak ever about it.

However when I arrived home to Baker Road, I phoned my Dad whom worked in the Menlo Park Mall in Edison he owned a furniture store there. He was working late that night. I do recall we left during semi-daylight and arrove home in the dark!

He told me to call the Morristown Airport and report it! I did, at a small age, I never forgot this experience and have had an insatiable yet calm interest and patience abpout this topic.

I was married in 1977 at the young age of 17 years old, and when I told my future husbands Mother about how I had witnessed a UFO, she declared," Wow, I saw it along with most of my eight children and my husband, who at that time worked for Bell Labs in NJ, My Dad was working close to the Thomas Edison Labs in Edison NJ at that time.

We always wondered, if this UFO had something to do with the fact we did marry and have a son?

Many years later yet young as teens. I do truly believe that the UFO's come out of the Bermuda Triangle and are seen by many. I saw on the news in the 1990's UFO's hovering over Phoenix, that was not like our experience. Time stopping, I remember the exact clearing in the woods where this occurred, the exact home it happened in front of too. It is amazing to me that I am now 47 and this still perplexes me although I realize my Mom was aware of military interogation, blue book files etc, from my Father collecting Time Magazines, and the fact he always was into the paranormal! Alot of people in my immediate family saw this occur, aprox 13 of us are alive to talk about it.

I have drawn it, however do not share it. I feel that we all have individual incounters and that they may be helping or hurting us? I do not want to open a pandora's box. I feel this is how my Mom was protecting me and my siblings, or I could have been reporting a encounter of the third kind or missing! I am glad I am not doing that. I wish all of you success. Do you realize that the UFO's are hanging out near the USA submarine bases? Look on the World Map? I do not know but would like to if they are hanging around other countrys submarine bases? They are built by General Dynamic's and Electric Boat, the fact that our Star Wars program has begune makes me feel like I just may see one soon, since I live near the Bangor Wa submarine base now? Who knows? It can not be a cooincidence, your tracking is excellent in my mind. Keep up the fantastic work and I will report any others I happen to see, to the US Navy or Marines since my son is a US Marine he told me I may have had response had I called them in NJ, way back when I was a little girl. True story, no additions. The craft was circular and looked invisible however you could see windows and lights. Within the circle. when I was interogated by my Dad in a most professional way, and this is more then likely why I have such a memory! I told him exactly what I am telling you, This craft flew over us, and then all of the cars behind us could move, and my Mother could have had a speeding ticket~! However we got home safe, and I wrang Dad He was excited and wanted to know more, at such a young age I was allowed to stay up late and explain and try and draw what I saw! It was round, perfectly, looked to have some sort of craft in the center, like if it were spinning or creating a temporary worm hole? It had beings in it, as they gazed at me out of tiny slits, within the outer ring, sort of how Jupiter has rings this one had one bright light ring belt around it.the center looked like an inverted bubble, unlike all of the drawings my Father had seen elsewhere mine was upside down? He did not question me. I still stick to seeing what I did indeed see, my brother remember it too. I have not asked my little baby sister because I do remember she was in a car seat at this time, so she was a baby of around two, it would definitely be in her memory from Dad bragging that his wife and family saw a UFO for real!