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Occurred : 6/27/2005 21:00 (Entered as : 6-27 -2005 21:00)
Reported: 4/15/2006 5:59:34 PM 17:59
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1-3 minets
colorado springs, colorado saw a object at night 3 multi-colored lights

at the time of this i was 15 years old(i am 16 now) and i was on vacation in colorado sping, colorado. i was staying in a hotel in..manituo?(that is spelled wrong) manituo springs. my mom said i HAD to go to this place called "flying w ranch" or something like that. and really i didn;t care to be there. there was this thing that some people sang unill maby 11:00 pm.. pretty late. and i was pretty bored so i looked at the sky at about about after the first hour it starts wich was 7 or 6. since it was the mountains and i live in kansas it was beautifull to me. so basicly i ignored the music and look at the sky and the sunset. at about 9 i started try to spot out differant conssilations. i looked at oryans bet and i saw something wrong. there was an extra star. so i thought maby a sattilight off track or something because it looked like it was moving like a weather sattlight. but then it shot a littil ways to the north. i thought wow...that is a weird air plane. and didn;t think anything of it. but i kept looking at it because then i noticed the star was more than one. it had three lights and they were differnt colors. one was blue i am shure of it. one was redish orange something of the mix. and other was greenish yellish coler. at that time i thought it was simply a very advanced jet the air force had built. for as i had been told that area had a air force base near the area. then i was the craft shoot south. in a small triangluler shape.( if u conected the places it stoped) (the whole time i was wathcing it it seemed to be shaking or vibrated very fastly but not enuff to distort was i was seeing. (the whole time the craft was in the northern sky) every time it changed postions i looked farther than it went because it moved so fast i thought there was no way it could move that fast and stop so fast. (it moved so fast my eyes barly registerd that it moved) but anyways at it had moved in the northern part of the triangle it slowly seemed to be moving up maby farther from the atmospere. it;s very hard to explain. but the lights begain fading but not because of distance more of the width of the circles of light. the width begain getting slimmer and slimmer. and the lights begain changed shades to darker. and the craft all of a sudden shut of the lights. but i could still see it was there.( like black on black) the only way to describe it was that some people have good enuff eye sight to see the part of the moon that isn;t being shone with light from the sun. baslicly like that. as i stated into the darkness of the craft in a split second it seemed to dissapere and i saw a few stars the apperd (normal stars) kinda like something was blocking it. aka the craft. when my mind finnaly register that i had seen somewthing i coudn't explain i kept thinking of aircrafts that might be simmiler to what i have seen. the only thing i could think of was the airplanes developed by canada that looked simmiler to a sauser. but this WASN;T round at all. defanlty a triange the lights that i saw iluminated parts of the ship. it was gray. i didn;t hear any sound cuz them dumb hillbillys were too loud. haha oh also i am sending a crrapy drawn picture that might help explain it if possable please call me or get back to me i would like to talk and further explain. ASK FOR ((name deleted)) OR U WILL NOT GET TO TALK TO ME thank you and i hope u consider me not crazy hahah.